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  2. Mission: The sole purpose of CICFF is to develop a film culturethat inspires and brings together cross-cultural innovations that enrich people’s lives with entertainment: and services that inform, educate and entertain. The annual event will be a glamorous red carpet premiere with press conferences and gala parties at Kolkata in the presence of international movie celebrities. The participants will have excellent opportunities to exchange their ideas, ideologies and cultural innuendoes. The winners will have a chance to meet with the audience and participate in Q&A after thescreening.
  3. JIFF has provided a new platform to filmmakers from all overthe world where they meet each other and try to find opportunities to jumptheir borders and get together to collaborate with one another for making films. The ‘Co-Production Meet’ during the festival has played a very significant role in establishing Jaipur as the capital of the world cinema. Evolving fast among all the Film Festivals of the world JIFF through its nine yearly festivals has been able to establish Jaipur as the prominent capital of the world cinema.
  4. National Science Film Festival and Competition - https://vigyanprasar.gov.in/science-communication-programs/science-through-films/9th-national-science-film-festival-of-india-2019/
  5. FILMSAAZ is an International Film Festival of Short Films & Documentaries, which is one of the largest multi-disciplinary art & cultural festival in India dedicated to the exhibition of short films, documentaries, music, art & cultural advocacy panoramas. First, of its kind in Indiato be organized by a university, it had its first edition in 2008 in the Aligarh Muslim University, organized by the University Film Club. The festivals aim to promote and encourage awareness, appreciation and understanding of the art of Cinema, inspire cultural exchange, seek out hidden talent and provide a platform for aspiring young filmmakers.
  6. BQFF is an annual event that carefully selects queer films fromall over the world and brings them to an ever-growing Bangalore audience. The festival will serve as an important platform for screening new Indian and South Indian movies. Bangalore has hosted film festivals on themes related to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT or Queer) communities since 2003.
  7. Tamil Nadu’s first movement for good cinema ‘Thamizh Studio’ conducts Independent Film Festival of Chennai (IFFC) every February. Now it invites Independent film makers to submit their films for IFFC 2019. In 2018, IFFC was conducted as a 1-day festival, whereas this time it is to be conducted as a 3-days festival.
  8. BYOFF's uniqueness lies in the approach of the organisers — there is no selection, no jury and no awards for the films screened; anyone who has a film can show it here. Them is no hierarchy, no bureaucracy;it would be just the sun, the sand, the sea, cinema and more. Thefilms will be screened in the makeshift tents on the beaches of Puri. BYOFF-2020 will be more than just a film festival. One can sing, dance, showcase his paintings, sculptures and photographs, present enactments, discuss ideas, share thoughts and experiences, or just laze around. Apart from the facilities for screening of films, BYOFF makes a separate stand for the filmmakers to showcase their products for prospective buyers. The offer is open to the filmmakers who would screen their films or havedone so at the previous BYOFFs.
  9. BODHISATTVA INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL (BIFF) is the first of its kind and has been organized as an initiative to promote the rich culture, tradition and heritage of Bihar whilst also encouraging cultural exchanges with different regions, states and countries. In its founding year, the festival was called ‘Kala and Film Mahotsav 2016’, but has since been rechristened as Bodhisattva International Film Festival.
  10. The Directorate of Film Festivals (DFF) was set up under theMinistry of Information & Broadcasting in 1973 with the objective of promotion of India films and cultural exchange. DFF organizes and implements the following events and programmes to promote Indian cinema : i. The National Film Awards and the Dadasaheb Phalke Award. ii. Organizing the annual International Film Festival of India (IFFI). iii. Participation in Cultural Exchange Programmes and organizing screening of Indian films through our Missions abroad. iv. Selection of films for Indian Panorama. v. Participation in International Film Festivals abroad. vi. Organizing special film expositions such as retrospectives, Indian Panorama films screenings and National Awards winning films screening and theme based film festivals in different parts of the country. vii. Collection, preservation and documentation of prints of Indian Panorama films for non-commercial screenings.
  11. Darbhanga IFF was founded for a better development of Cinema, Film, Art & Culture in Bihar state of India. Films, filmmakers & artists from all states of India and all over the world participate in the festivalevery year. This festival is organized by DBG Film Club (Darbhanga Film Club). It is the first ever film club of Bihar state, registered under trustact, Government of India. The organization DBG Film Club was founded in 2013 by filmmaker, animation & vfx artist Meraj Siddiqui.
  12. This stunning celebration will kick off the awards season as the Diorama International Film Festival will roll out the red carpet and welcome the most amazing industry players to the sparrow awards ceremony. The most buzzed-about names on the awards trail will come to experience the unsurpassed Diorama hospitality that creates an aura of accomplishment in every corner. At Diorama International Film Festival, old friendships are revived, and new professional relationships are born. Judged by eminent International Film Juries (Short, Documentary, Indian, Foreign), Film Critics and participating film festival delegates, the Sparrow Awards shall be announced at a glittering award ceremony by some of the best-known names of Indian and World-Cinemas.
  13. CCMA is a monthly film competition. So each month more than 20 films from each category are officially selected and out of them at least one per category is awarded. The most representative are monthly screenedin Calcutta and have a free academic and detailed review published at our International film magazine CULT CRITIC™, shared at respective IMDb pages (if applicable). All these monthly winners are automatically qualified for the annual live screening gala in the City of Joy and can be nominated for the prestigious JEAN LUC GODARD AWARD™ (the best of the best). All the monthly winners can receive the prestigious Cult Critic Movie Awards trophies,by paying production cost and shipping cost. The annual event will be a glamorous red carpet premiere with press conferences and gala parties at Kolkata in the presence of international movie celebrities. The participants will have excellent opportunities to exchange their ideas, ideologies and cultural innuendoes. The winners will have a chance to meet with the audience and participate in Q&A after the screening.
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    India International Film Festival, Organizer – Vikas India Trust, is a Charitable non-profit Organization, whose mission is to cultivate and promote the art and science of film through education, audience participation and cross cultural cinema experience
  15. BVFF Short Film Contest is organised as a part of this prestigious film festival since 2013. The contest is open for films whose director is from Northeast India, features story/topic related to Northeast India or films starring actor(s) from Northeast India. Out of all the entries, after a thorough screening, the jury shortlists 15 best entries for the final round. In the final round, acclaimed directors, who are exceptionally experienced in their own areas, review each of the shortlisted films and select the winning entries. LAST DATE FOR SUBMISSION 30TH JUNE 2020
  16. Chaired by Shri Shyam Benegal, this festival will definitely make a mark around the world. The endeavor is to draw attention to Ladakh whose pristine beauty & spell bound magic equals to the splendor and grandeurof cinema. As Ladakh is growing as a world tourist destination the focus is on environment and ecological balance. We have SNOW LEOPARD as our Mascot. Celebrating the brilliance, excellence and passion which we call as CINEMA! Is what LIFF is all about!
  17. Jagran Film Festival (JFF) is an initiative by the Jagran Prakashan Group towards creating a culture of cinema appreciation and an honest and sincere attempt create a platform that connects great content with audiences across the country. Last year, with over 18 towns, 400+screenings, 18 cinema appreciation workshops, the festival directly touched over an audience of over 55,000 people, and the media coverage of Jagran puts the reach of JFF well beyond 50 mn people across India. Facebook Instagram Twitter Youtube
  18. Art knows no language, at the same time art can be the bridge between multiple cultures and languages. For mankind, art has always been the solace in despair, expression of freedom and means of happiness. We have protested against tyranny through writings, expressed our love through paintings, shared our agony through poetry and depicted our life through cinema. The Hyderabad bengali film festival have always been patrons of ART through writing, creative art, music and cinema.
  19. Reel Desires #CIQFF2020 comes in the wake of India’s 2018 Supreme Court landmark decision in Navtej Singh Johar and Ors. vs. Union of India that read down Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code, thereby decriminalising consensual relationships among adults, and after the Lower and Upper Houses of Parliament voted the problematic Transgender (Rights of Persons) Bill into law. As LGBTIQA+ collectives in Indiatake on the task of increasing inclusion and reducing discrimination on the ground, we also work to engender change in hearts and minds, a task substantially more challenging than legal reform. One way we do this by participating in and producing cultures that reflect both the universality and specificity of our experiences.
  20. Confluence India International Film Festival is one of the top ranked film festivals in the world. It holds World Record in the terms of “WORLD RECORD in Most Number of participating countries in a debut film festival”.
  21. Rolling Reels Film Festival (RRFF) is an event held every year as a part of Festember, the annual cultural fest of NIT Trichy. Up until 2014, Festember did not sport any event related to movie-making. With a hefty increase in new, young film-makers taking the film industry by storm, it would only seem sensible to instate a platform which would act as a springboard for young talents.
  22. KASHISH Mumbai International Queer Film Festival stands firmly with the global outrage against section 377 of the Indian Penal Code andwill work with queer and civil rights organizations to ensure that the lawis repealed. KASHISH also believes that films and art are a powerful medium to bring about social change. Since its debut in 2010, KASHISH hasemerged as South Asia’s and India’s biggest LGBT film festival. We are committed to bring the best of international and Indian queer cinema to Mumbaiand continue mainstreaming of queer issues and their lives.
  23. The Centre for Development Communication (CDC) is pleased to invite filmmakers to showcase their short films either success stories or capturing present trend related to women empowerment.
  24. India Film Project, since its birth in 2011, has been puttingin efforts to build a community of content creators across the varying forms of art. We encourage enthusiasm and cheer the result. IFP began with the50-hour filmmaking challenge, one of a kind in Asia, wherein over 35,000 filmmakers come together in a selected weekend, and put in their best efforts to shoot, edit, and present their film. The 50-hour filmmaking challenge is IFP’s cornerstone. Six years after its inception, IFP extended itself in other forms of art-mainly writing, designing, and storytelling.
  25. Rajasthan film festival is the best film festival in Jaipur, Rajasthan, India. It gives a new level of the platform to filmmakers, artists, and technicians of Rajasthani cinema to motivate them so that they work harder and take Rajasthan Cinema to a new level altogether. From the last Six years, this festival has brought an amazing change in the Rajasthanicinema and has been appreciated by all the people nationally.
  26. They play an active role in establishing a credible exhibition platform for short films – especially those given life by the under-30 youth, in these disparate yet uniquely alike lands of Asia. Alpavirama 2011, 2014 and 2016 editions were significant steps in that direction, focusing on Asia. Alpavirama 2018, the fourth edition, should see us further consolidate and celebrate the vibrant Asian spirit, and the diverse yet converging flavours of Asian Cinema in all its short form glory.
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