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  1. The Producers Guild of India has released a lengthy set of risk protection guidelines to be implemented when filming resumes in the market. Though an official production start date has yet to be fixed, the “Back To Action” report outlines safety measures for the world’s biggest maker of films whose audience leans heavily towards local fare. Among the protocols are regular hand-washing, the use of three-ply masks and social distancing as well as training and daily drills to ensure precautions “become a habit.” Color-coding for crew members and a suggestion that crew above 60 years of age be avoided are further mentioned.ds emulator jiofilocalhtml.run
  2. Some of the rules include wearing a three-layered mask and gloves at all times, avoiding physical contact of any nature and sanitizing surfaces and hands during every entry and exit of a shoot.Colleagues have to maintain a distance of minimum two meters and the actors consuming food and beverages during a sequence should take special care to avoid infection.
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