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  1. s_meera1

    Mehboob Studio

    Pictures from Mehboob Studio, Bandra West, Mumbai
  2. s_meera1

    Bandra Chimbai Village Location Pics

    A pretty location in Bandra West, Mumbai
  3. GROUNDBREAKING NAB SHOW SESSION TRANSPORTS CREATIVE PROFESSIONALS AND SCIENTISTS TO FUTURE OF CONTENT PRODUCTION -- NASA JPL expert, high-profile media execs, and futurist Marco Tempest highlight what’s possible today and tomorrow with cloud media services and artificial intelligence -- WASHINGTON, D.C.-- NAB Show will feature an exclusive keynote session that provides a front-row seat to the future of content creation. The session, produced by Amazon Web Services, will explore the latest cloud-based media workflows combined with advanced machine learning to deliver next-level, immersive viewing experiences. The keynote event is divided into three acts and will take place Wednesday, April 11 at 11:00 a.m. on the NAB Show Main Stage in the North Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center (LVCC). Act one of the session, “Race on the Red Planet: Chasing our Creative Future With Curiosity and Opportunity,” will tell the story of a high-pressure, over-the-top (OTT) video event involving NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) rovers on Mars. The producers are stymied by a series of complicated challenges, such as scaling up cloud resources to address demand spikes, personalized ad insertion, language translation and captioning, and on-the-fly highlight package creation. Will they be able to overcome the issues? Audience members at the LVCC and online will learn if the producers are able to resolve their dilemmas in real time. In remarks by futurist Marco Tempest, act two of the session will feature a peek into the role video and machine learning technologies will play on Earth and in the journey to Mars. Tempest serves as a creative technologist and advisor to organizations such as NASA JPL. Also a Director’s Fellow at the MIT MediaLab and Founder and Director of the MagicLab, Tempest will offer insights and inspiration for creating more immersive experiences. The third and final act of the NAB keynote session features a panel discussion between high-profile media brand and scientific technology leaders who are leveraging cloud media workflows and looking to machine learning and artificial intelligence to enrich those processes. The show will be encoded and delivered by AWS. AWS Elemental will deliver a live stream of the event via an AWS media workflow that includes Amazon EC2, Amazon Elastic Load Balancing, Amazon Route 53, and Amazon CloudFront for public access at https://live.awsevents.com. A video-on-demand (VOD) asset will be available after the event at https://live.awsevents.com. “This session will speak directly to the powerful new ways scientists and creative professionals are leveraging emerging technologies to tell compelling stories that both educate and entertain,” said NAB Chief Technology Officer Sam Matheny. “New tools like artificial intelligence and machine learning are joining with new processes like cloud work flows to expand the boundaries for inspirational story telling on Earth, and even from Mars.” The A.I. Experiential Zone, hosted by NAB and produced by AWS, will enable 2018 NAB Show attendees to see firsthand how machine learning is transforming the media and entertainment industry. Located in the Central Lobby adjacent to the M.E.T. 360 Studio featuring “NAB Show LIVE,” this dynamic, educational showcase will feature real-world applications and content workflows for automatic speech recognition, natural language processing (NLP), text-to-speech applications, deep learning-based image and video analysis, and more, powered by AWS machine learning services.
  4. FCPx. The More I use it the more Ilove it. Here are some free colour presets for FCPx. Give your footage a retro look with these 10 free vintage presets for Final Cut Pro. (I checked they worked with 10.3.4 but not with 10.4) Will keep adding to this list.
  5. The Logical Indian is looking for Sub Editors with a journalistic experience of 6 months to 2 years. The role is based in Bengaluru. Role and Responsibility - As a member of the editorial team, the Sub Editor plays a central role in the editorial and publishing success of our digital output. The Sub Editor is expected to originate and prepare written editorial that is purposeful and thought-provoking. The Ideal Candidate - You have an academic degree in Journalism and possess exceptional journalistic and editorial judgement. The ability to perform effectively, lead and guide others within the team through the daily newsroom operations. If you find yourself ideal for the position, kindly drop your CV at grow@thelogicalindian.com
  6. s_meera1

    Full Time Editor Wanted in Mumbai

    Nakshatra Media Works - need a full time video editor/post production specialist in our Mumbai office. 1-2 years of experience is must He/she should be proficient in adobe premiere, photoshop After effects and animation expertise would be an added advantage. He/she should understand the work process and be able to deliver in given timelines. Remuneration/Pay Package as per industry standards. Can be discussed during the interview. Please send your resume/CV/work showreel at - desaisanjog@gmail.com sridutt@gmail.com
  7. s_meera1

    Sample Directors Treatment Notes

    Ebook sounds fine. Not email. I can save an email. Maybe you should cover the art of closing a pitch after a treatment note as well?
  8. s_meera1

    Sample Directors Treatment Notes

    Director's treatment note for McDonal'ds
  9. s_meera1

    Sample Directors Treatment Notes

    Director's treatment note for Persil
  10. s_meera1

    Sample Directors Treatment Notes

    Diretor's treatment note for Lipton
  11. s_meera1

    Sample Directors Treatment Notes

    Director's treatment note for Nissan
  12. s_meera1

    Sample Directors Treatment Notes

    Garnier Director's treatment note:
  13. s_meera1

    Sample Directors Treatment Notes

    Director's treatment note for Godiva Cholocates
  14. s_meera1

    Sample Directors Treatment Notes

    Diretor's treatment note for Danone
  15. s_meera1

    Sample Directors Treatment Notes

    Director's Treatment Note for Mac Cosmetics by Paul Regan