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  1. ZaxCom Deva 24

    Zaxcom introduces the new Deva 24. Functionality Deva 24 introduces a completely new recording and mixing system that delivers unsurpassed audio quality and control. Based on its award-winning predecessors, Deva 24 integrates 24 track recording with versatile input/output routing, ZaxNet, NeverClip, PowerRoll and MixAhead with a fast, intuitive touch screen interface. Connectivity Deva 24 features 16 analog inputs, 12 are switchable mic or line level, each with adjustable limiter, high pass filter, input delay and 48V phantom power. NeverClip preamps provide 136 dB of dynamic range. Four additional line level inputs can be used as returns. 24 input channels of AES are available, 16 support AES42. With sample rate conversion, each input allows for a different sample-rate. Deva 24 accepts any unlocked AES signal with a sampling-rate of 32 to 192 kHz. The dynamic range of the sample-rate conversion is 124 dB. 10 output busses provide routing flexibility through four XLR, three TA-5M and three 3.5mm connectors. Outputs feature delay settings, level attenuation and assignable output names. 12 direct output channels of AES offers a processor independent feed to a backup recording system. There are additional connections for timecode, external slate mic and redundant power. USB slots connect Deva 24 to the Mix-16, Oasis and RX-12. Recording Audio can be recorded to three media simultaneously. An internal 2.5” SSD (1TB max capacity) is the primary media paired with two compact flash (CF) card slots. Files are recorded as MARF II, a lossless fault tolerant recording format to the internal drive and as Broadcast Wave files (BWF) to the CF cards. The CF card slots can record individually or simultaneously in 16 bit or 24 bit formats. An eSATA port provides an external hard drive (SSD or HDD) option that takes the place of a single CF card slot. Mixing 12 rotary faders can be assigned to act as a fader, input trim knob or a ZaxNet control knob. Deva 24 has a three band equalizer for each input where low shelf, peaking, and high shelf can be adjusted. The rotary encoder allows you to adjust the compressor settings, input trim and invert the phase of an input. 8 tracks provide an infinite mix of all Deva 24 inputs, while 16 tracks are dedicated to ISO routing. Any of the 16 analog or 24 digital inputs can be assigned to an ISO track as either pre or post fader. Combining Deva 24 with a Mix-16 or Oasis control surface offers a seamless integration for the sound recordist. Only a single USB cable is needed to link the Mix-16 or Oasis to Deva 24. Simply connect and go. Touchscreen Deva 24 touts a detachable front panel interface with a touchscreen menu system that’s fast, easy to learn and reliable. Connecting a compatible MAC or PC allows both hardware and software components to be controlled remotely through the Deva 24 GUI by a computer mouse or Deva 24. The remote computer keyboard can be used to enter metadata. A USB cable provides the connection. Advanced Features ZaxNet, PowerRoll and MixAhead provide advantageous tools for the sound recordist. ZaxNet provides remote control over Zaxcom Digital Recording Wireless transmitters through a 2.4 Ghz RF signal. Pre-amp gain, frequency, output power and record/playback/stop functions can be adjusted without needing to approach the talent. ZaxNet is supported by an IFB200 connected to Deva 24. PowerRoll allows ZaxNet controlled transmitters to increase its output power level when Deva 24 goes into record and then decrease its output level when recording stops. This conserves battery power on the transmitters. MixAhead eliminates errors in human reaction time. Users can select a time up to 250 milliseconds (ms) for audio in the console to be delayed. Adding the extra time allows you to hear the audio first and then have time to react.
  2. Free Colour Presets For FCPx

    This website is a great free resource for FCPx Its called FreeFCPx
  3. FCPX fits very well into a collaborative workflow, unlike what a lot of people may have you think. premiumBeat has an excellent article on this.
  4. Found this excellent article on changing your disk's controller card.
  5. Cleaning Audio from Interviews

    Here is a good discussion on cleaning audio on Gearslutz.,
  6. On some low budget interviews. you may have some muffled voice, room noise reflections and AC or some other machine noise. Here are some ways to correct these. Removing Continuous background noise with Audacity, a free Open Source software. Saving dull dialogue. Sometimes the mic will be too far away from the speaker and the resulting audio can be dull, full of room boominess. This is a nice tutorial to fix it.
  7. JP Greens Noida

    Location Pictures from JP Greens Noida LOCATION.key.zip
  8. About Us People’s Film Collective is an independent, autonomous, people-funded cultural-political collective based in West Bengal. Formed in 2013, it believes in the power of films as a weapon of pedagogy of the oppressed as well as alternative media for people. PFC organises monthly film screenings in Kolkata. It travels in Bengal with films & movemental videos. It’s members document movements and make political documentaries. PFC organises an annual film festival, called ‘Kolkata People’s Film Festival’ and brings out a magazine ‘Pratirodher Cinema’. PFC is interested in collaborating with like-minded collectives of the working class and people’s movements. Campaigns and initiatives Kolkata Monthly Documentary Screenings and Conversations Kolkata People’s Film Festival Little Cinema campaign Travelling Cinema campaign People’s Media – documentary and alt media collective Pratirodher Cinema – film and counterculture magazine Sister collective People’s Study Circle Contact Us Email: peoplesfilmcollective@gmail.com Phone: +91-9163736863 (also WhatsApp) Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/KolkataPeoplesFilmFestival/ (page) http://www.facebook.com/groups/PeoplesFilmCollective/ (group) Twitter: @pfckolkata | Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/peoplesfilmcollective/ Join Us To organize a film screening in your locality please write to peoplesfilmcollective@gmail.com or leave a message at 9163736863. We will get back to you. To join our collective or festival organizing team, please contact us in the manner above, or simply turn up at one of our screenings for a face-to-face chat!
  9. This is an excellent resource here from Jonny Elwyn. Understanding the FCPx magnetic timeline. It starts fem the basics and has a comprehensive writeup and video tutorials. "Before we go much further it makes sense to translate a bit of FCPX terminology: Library = Project | Event = Bin | Project = Sequence | Primary Storyline = Track 1 | Secondary Storyline = Other Tracks/Group of Clips | Roles = Tracks if you had stayed organised* | Compound Clips = Nested Group of Clips |"
  10. Production Assistamtys Wanted

    Looking for Production assistants. Anyone interested to join production pls mail your CV to waseemproduction@gmail.com
  11. AURANGABAD INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL Mumbai: C/o Nath Group, 1, Chateau Windsor, 1st Floor, 86, Veer Nariman Road, Churchgate, Mumbai - 400020, INDIA +91-9867012612 / +91-22-22875653/54/55 Aurangabad: C/o Nath Group, Nath House, Nath Road, Aurangabad - 431005, INDIA +91-240-2376314/5/6/7; Fax: +91-240-2376188 info@aifilmfest.in / www.aifilmfest.in
  12. Tv Reporters Wanted in Mumbai

    India Forums is having an urgent requirement for Video reporter - Television. Job brief: The candidate must have minimum 1 year of full time or internship experience in on-field reporting for Television (English). Compensation: Will be discussed at the time of the interview. Job Location: Goregaon (w) Interested candidates can send their resumes on hiral@india-forums.com. Kindly note: We are looking for full-time interns and full-time candidates only.Freelancers and candidates residing outside Mumbai do not apply.