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  1. Studio63 in Noida is looking image retoucher and junior video editor. Salary 12k-17k.. skills: Photoshop and premiere pro. Location: Noida Email your resume on studio63india@gmail.com
  2. Looking for a junior motion graphic designer for Pixelpedia Design Solutions. This is a Work from Home job. Stipend can be discussed on the basis of resume and portfolio. The job requirements are as follows: - Proper knowledge of Adobe After Effects is MANDATORY. - Creative mind who can work with short turnaround time - Work hours are flexible - Experience in designing social media gifs and videos is mandatory. Please send in your resume and portfolio on pixelpediads@gmail.com. PS- Please read the requirements and send in your portfolios ONLY if you meet the criteria.
  3. *CASTING CALL We are looking for fabulous actors for *main lead* ( Male & Female) for an independent, collaborative FEATURE FILM. The Filmmaker is an alumnus of prestigious FTII. Logline : It's an urban love story, spread over a decade. 1. Male Lead : An upper class, English and Urdu speaking Architect Age : 28-35 years Look: Tall, Handsome, Sophisticated with good n clear speech 2. Female Lead : A middle class, independent minded architect. Age :25-30 years Look: Pretty, Wild Haired, Earthy, Clear speech, Graceful Please reach out to whatsapp/ call 8329531948. Email :gypsybindu@yahoo.com
  4. The minimum height of this tripod is 15.75 inches. If you need lower height, keep your camera on the floor or on books or whatever you can find. The center column will prevent the tripod from going lower. The camera plate is large and generous, has support for the main tripod pin as well as a support pin which is great since somethings plates which have only one pin may tend to twist under the camera. The pan rod is just teh right size for a tripod this size. Overall, a great tripod for its intentions which is a quick light tripod for travel videos. Use it only for light cameras.
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