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  1. MFlare 2 Plugin. Expensive bbut worth it. https://youtu.be/7VIU9m-Oayo
  2. However if you want to shoot Fiction, then it is a different ball game. Because in fiction you get the time to stage your shots. You can afford to use focus as a narrative tool. You need more manual control over the artistry. So, to shoot fiction, you need a camera which records good quality video, records audio, lets you monitor your audio recordings, allows easy focussing. What is good quality video? Typically all these years we have been shooting 8bit video in the consumer space. Now, though the modern cameras can shoot 4k, many of them still shoot fewer colors of 8 bit. We recommend, if you can, go for 10 bit. 8bit will have 256 shades of a colour while 10 bit will have 1024 (very very loosely speaking). But 10 bit also produces heavier files. Most modern DLSRs with video capability allow audio monitoring via headphone jack and a touch screen focus. So we have compiled a small list of cameras we recommend. While most modern DSLRs and Mirrorless Cameras can record video, our top choices are (Check their latest prices online or with your vendor): Nikon Z6. Records 4k Video, and with an external recorder, 4k 10 bit is recorded. Supports in-body image stabilisation Subject tracking autofocus Tiltable TFT Screen means you can reach exciting new angles Stereo mini-jack to monitor audio while recording. Good low-light performance (51,200 ISO). Large sensor (Full Frame). Mirrorless. Panasonic Limix GH5S Records 4k 10bit 422 Video Internally. Supports in-body image stabilisation Continuous Servo AF Tiltable LCD Screen means you can reach exciting new angles Stereo mini-jack to monitor audio while recording. Good low-light performance (51,200 ISO). Micro Four Thirds Sensor. (Not full frame). Mirrorless. Sony A7S II Records 4k 10bit 422 Video Internally. Supports in-body image stabilisation Continuous Servo AF Tiltable LCD Screen means you can reach exciting new angles Stereo mini-jack to monitor audio while recording. Good low-light performance (102,400 ISO). Micro Four Thirds Sensor. (Not full frame). Mirrorless. Canon 5D Mark IV Records 4k 8bit Video Internally. Continuous Servo AF Stereo mini-jack to monitor audio while recording. Good low-light performance (32000 ISO). Micro Four Thirds Sensor. (Not full frame). Mirrorless.
  3. We are often asked this loaded question. Being hard core pros, we would like to suggest an Arri 435. Or an Arri Alexa LF. Unfortunately when someone asks this question, what they mostly mean is 'I want an affordable light weight camera that will shoot cool video'.. That makes the question clearer. What should be look for in a camera that shoots cool video. Do you want to shoot fiction or non-fiction. If non-fiction, then we mostly suggest a camcorder. Why? Compact form factor with built in good lens zoom range, autofocus (very very important for documentary and sports), built in excellent sound recording, robust quality etc. So here is a list of great camcorders we recommend.
  4. You may have a killer of an idea to pitch to Netflix or Amazon Prime or any of the streaming OTT Platforms. But unless you have a compelling pitch deck, a mandatory requirement, your idea will probably find it tough to sail through. In this short Kiss Films' Media Workshop, you will learn, from Tina Nagpaul, how to make that pitch deck, also known as a Bible, which will be the first interaction of the OTT Platform with your idea. We talk about what should be included in the pitch deck, working on a logline etc. Tina Nagpaul is a film and web series producer. She is currently developing content for platforms like Netflix and Amazon. Duration: 30 Minutes followed by 10 minutes of Q&A. Language: English. Book here: https://www.townscript.com/e/making-a-pro-pitch-deck-312202
  5. baic filming guidelines from Advertising Producers post lockdown ASAP COVID-19 POST LOCKDOWN FILMING GUIDELINES.pdf
  6. Thanks. But that's how its designed no?
  7. A beautiful short from Kunal Pant of EyeKenchi Films
  8. Kunal Pant of Eyekenchi Films has made this beautiful Mothers' Day film
  9. Another Mothers Day film this time from Tarun Jain Mothers shower so much unconditional love..and within a skip of heartbeat they forget their pain, seeing their kid smile. Dedicated to all those beautiful mothers. Watch this micro short shot entirely during quarantine. Everything is shot inside the house. Starring - Shaurya Verma, Priyanka Mehta Concept & Execution- Tarun Jain Shot & Edited - Rishi Verma
  10. Happy Mother’s Day Thanks- Paramvir Singh Poetry & Recitation- Shrutee Choudhary Idea & Conceptualization- Monet Saha & Tathagatha Basu Footages Contributed by- Paras Shail, Shrutee Choudhary, Mohit Gupta , Raghavendra Sastry, Auroshikha Dey, Surjyasikha Das, Viplab Majumder, Kunal Pant Preeti Hansraj Sharma, Tarun Jain, Bhumika Shail Vivaan Soni, Monet Saha. The Three Film Company@2020
  11. HAPPY QUARANTINE ' CAST in Order | Bidita N Bag | Mithun Debnath | Dibyendu Bhattacharya | Montage Designed By Kaustav Chakraborty 'Aladin' Look & Space Design | Priyanka Roy | Subtitle | Anjum Baba | Publicity Design | Priyanka Roy | #auratoon Creative Producer | Bidita Bag | Written & Directed By Mithun Debnath RooM Mate Entertainment in Association With FPS #LockdownTales #COVIDFilms #covid_19 #COVID #COVIDawareness #ShortFilms #PocketFilms #Movies #ShortMovies #Scripts #FilmScripts #CORONA #COVID19 #FightAgainstCorona #IndiaFightAgainstCorona Disclamation - Nobody Stepped Out While Shooting | Stay Home Stay Safe |
  12. "Nothing To Hide" is another dark comedy, from France. Available on Netflix.
  13. This amazing French series is a delight to watch. "After learning that France is about to legalize cannabis, faux entrepreneur Joseph rallies his family and friends to transform his father's kosher butcher shop into France's first marijuana coffee shop. "
  14. Mindy Kaling's "Never Ever Have I" Story of a teenage Indian American Gril in the USA. A must watch.
  15. This is a great TV series on the rise of anti-feminism movement in America. Excellent series, very well shot, very well directed. Mrs. America recounts the movement to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) and the unexpected backlash led by Phyllis Schlafly, aka “the sweetheart of the silent majority.” Through the eyes of the women of the era, the FX series explores how one of the toughest battlegrounds in the culture wars of the 70s helped give rise to the Moral Majority and forever shifted the political landscape. CAST: Cate Blanchett, Uzo Aduba, Elizabeth Banks
  16. Another soulful piece. This one from Tarun Jain, a young actor. "A micro short film made during lockdown 2020. What if you and the love of your life are locked down in different towns" Direction/Camerwork/Writing/Performed by: Tarun Jain Edited by: Rishi Verma Big hug for guiding me: Monet Saha Aneesh Kumar Thanku for always sending the motivations my way: Paramvir Singh
  17. This video views the lockdown as an opportunity for humankind to reflect on their past actions that lead to this world of pandemics, wealth inequality, mass extinction of wildlife among others. It is made as an urgent need for the whole world to unite as one in our fight against corruption, in our hope to find a solution for the increasing global catastrophe that may possibly lead to human extinction from planet earth. Concept & Editing: Himanshu Mishro Mondal
  18. While the horrid coronavirus covid19 has thrown us all into a lockdown, some of us are still trying to find a channel to express ourselves. Here comes in Lockdown Content. Written and Directed by Kunal Pant "Right now, we all are stressed about our lifetime, our survival time and our productive time lost. It's always about me and myself in this commercial world. My goals, my ambitions, my existence, my life. In this 'my world' we have lost the meaning of coexistence. The time out from proving to the world that I exist gives me an eye to see all the elements around me that are helping me exist each day in this world. The trees, the birds, the stars, the air, the love, the humanity. I suddenly realised that I have lost so much of them in my life rather than my productive time in this pandemic. The poem is the first hand expression of my feelings inside ." (Kunal is a Mumbai based professional Actor)
  19. You can also use OpenDCP to create DCP files. Its a free to use Open Source Software. OpenDCP features: JPEG2000 encoding TIFF/DPX/BMP RGB/YUV/YCbCr images Supports all major frame rates (24,25,30,48,50,60) Cinema 2K/4K Profiles MPEG2 MXF XYZ color space conversion MXF file creation SMPTE and MXF Interop Full 3D support DCP XML file creation SMPTE subtitles Linux/OSX/Windows Multithreaded for encoding performance XML Digital signatures GUI and CLI Interfaces Language support Recommended Requirements 64-bit Processor 4gb RAM
  20. For Adobe Users, Adobe's Media Encoder has a built in plugin called Wraptor which can make DCP files for you.
  21. To make a FREE DCP file, one can use DCP-O-Matic. DCP-O-Matic is a free to use, Open Source software that lets you create your own DCP files. The important thing to understand is the drives carrying the DCP files HAVE TO BE FORMATTED AS EXT2 (preferably for the widest support) or EXT3 for Linux. The DCI Projector Servers will only recognise these formats. The reason is, DCI, or Digital Cinema Initiatives, tried to ensure everything around the Digital Cinema system worked on open source software. Your Mac or Windows computer may not be able to read or write to them without additional software. For Mac, you an download DCP-Transfer from Cinematiq. DCP-Transfer installed on your Mac will easily let you format, read to and write files on a hard drive ready for DCP Projection. A Windows version of DCP-Transfer is supposed to be soon released. "Easily Format Hard Drives For DCP Delivery And stop paying fees to make DCP Copies. Format hard drives for EXT2, the universally accepted digital cinema industry format. Easily copy and distribute DCPs for playback at any theater."
  22. A DCP file is a Digital Cinema Package. It contains video, audio files and data streams for projections. From Wikipedia: "The term was popularized by Digital Cinema Initiatives, LLC in its original recommendation for packaging DC contents. However, the industry tends to apply the term to the structure more formally known as the Composition. ("You PLAY a Composition, You do NOT play a Digital Cinema Package". A DCP is a “packing crate” for Compositions, a hierarchical file structure that represents a title version. The DCP may carry a partial Composition (e.g. not a complete set of files), a single complete Composition, or multiple and complete Compositions." The DCP file will contain a video (or picture track) and an audio track along with couple of xml files, which are in essence asset map files consisting of usually a 'Composition Playlist File', a 'Package List File' or a 'PKL Package Key List' and a 'Volume Index File'. The picture track is typically a JPEG2000 also known as J2K file. The Sound file is a mxf file which is 96KH, 24bits and can carry around 16 channels of sound. Nowadays it is possible to make your own DCP files.
  23. KAIROS MEDIA is recruiting video editors as per the convenience Full time, part time and preferably Freelancers. We are into video content creations of Music videos, ads, commercial, fashion shoots, social media content, wedding highlights, wedding films,trailers and so many other things. Anyone interested in the opportunity. Kindly connect via the following mediums +919819165087 /+91 95580 70606 or Kairosmediaindia@gmail.com
  24. Looking for creative promo editors at Sportz interactive. If interested, kindly send your cv at charmi@sportzinteractive.net Location - Goregaon east Exp - 2 to 5 years
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