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  1. Sennheiser Ambeo for VR Sound

    AMBEO for Virtual Reality There is probably no other application with a more obvious need for three-dimensional spatial sound than Virtual Reality and 360° videos: In order to maximise the immersive experience the audio must also be spatial. No matter whether you are producing immersive content for VR goggles, your favorite web browser, YouTube 360, facebook 360 or for gaming, Sennheiser’s front-end VR Mic captures the full spherical sound at a single point in space. Capturing in Ambisonics For 3D audio in general we distinguish between Channel-based, Object-based or Scene-based representations of the sound field. Channel-based audio delivers its content to a physical loudspeaker layout, with one output channel for each speaker playback, such as Left and Right for Stereo. Object-based audio describes where a certain audio object is placed in the sound field and data processing calculates its playback to specific 3D speaker systems, such as Dolby Atmos. Sound for Virtual Reality today relies on scene-based capturing, which is a way to capture a specific point in the sound field. Commonly accepted methods are binaural, quad binaural or Ambisonics. Binaural uses a dummy head with microphones placed within an artificial ear, whereas quad binaural requires four sets of binaural dummy heads. Both techniques will capture the sound field with pre-rendered binaural information and gives static binaural playback on standard stereo headphones. Ambisonics, on the other hand, is a channel-independent representation of the sound field. It is a 3D sound format that captures the full spherical sound field signature, thereby providing an enveloping surround sensation, not only in the horizontal plane, but also including height information. It can be decoded to any existing, or future, speaker layout and also allows for dynamic binaural playback on headphones by applying a Binaural Renderer including Head-Related Transfer Functions (HRTF). The Sennheiser VR Mic works in First Order Ambisonics. The microphone has four identical condenser capsules in a tetrahedral cluster with a native Ambisonics A-format output , which needs to be converted into Ambisonics B-format. This can be done with the free Sennheiser AMBEO A-B format converter, which is a plug-in to your preferred Digital Audio Workstation. The First Order Ambisonics B-format is a W, X, Y, Z representation of the sound field. W is a sum of the four capsules, whereas X, Y and Z are virtual bidirectional microphone patterns representing front/back, left/right and up/down. Therefore any virtual direction from the microphone can be perceived by the listener during playback of Ambisonics B. Where to best position the microphone? An Ambisonics microphone’s location determines its perspective of the sound field. Preferred common practice is mounting it as close to the camera as possible, giving audio and video the same point of capture. Be careful to place it outside the field of view or be prepared to stitch it out in the video post-production. Also, when placing the VR Mic below or above the camera, be careful that the camera rig will not shadow the sound or create unwanted reflections or diffraction to the sound. Using a “magic arm” or other fixture to attach it to the camera will be useful. The AMBEO VR Mic requires a four-channel field recorder with four identical recording channels, all providing 48V phantom power. Set the channel gains to exactly the same level, preferably using digital gain setting and linking the four channels, otherwise the sound field imaging will be distorted. We recommend testing the levels of the four channels using a phantom-powered tone generator. The elegantly designed AMBEO® VR Mic has been developed in cooperation with VR content producers and fine-tuned through an extensive creators’ program with participants from across the audio and VR communities. The mic caters exactly to the needs of VR content creators, letting you capture the experience and spirit of any location enabling the listener to be immersed as if they were there.
  2. Avid New Deals and Fab Tools

    Avid keeps getting better and better. Find the best takes and right clips fast—just added Working on a scripted or dialog-heavy project like a movie, TV show, or interview? Save hours of time with two powerful dialog search solutions, now available again as Media Composer options. For script-based projects, ScriptSync analyzes all clip dialog in your project, then syncs all relevant clips to the script, so you can find the best takes fast. For dialog-driven material, PhraseFind indexes all project clip dialog, enabling you to quickly find all relevant clips by searching by a key word or phrase.
  3. Documentary film shooting in himlayas

    Hey I want to know how the channel deal worked out for you...
  4. Avid New Deals and Fab Tools

    Avid is offering a fabulous upgrade path. When you’re faced with tons of footage and a looming deadline, why waste hours searching for suitable clips to tell your story? Instead, find the exact takes and clips you need in seconds with the Media Composer | ScriptSync and PhraseFind options, which are both available now and better than ever. Match every take to every dialog line in your script quickly using ScriptSync—get it now Find all relevant clips fast through powerful dialog search using PhraseFind—get it now Get faster performance, better search results, and other great new features Be sure you have the latest version of Media Composer 8.8 to use these options. If you don’t, you can upgrade practically any version of Media Composer, Symphony, or NewsCutter to Media Composer 8.8 for just $399 (USD) for a limited time. With PhraseFind—the powerful new version of the acclaimed dialog indexing and search option for Media Composer—you can quickly find all relevant clips by simply typing a word or phrase. PhraseFind automatically analyzes all clips in your project and phonetically indexes all audible dialog, so you can spend less time searching for the right media and more time focusing on what matters most—your story. With ScriptSync—a powerful dialog search and sync option for Media Composer—you can eliminate time-consuming manual media searches and quickly find the best take or perfect clip fast. ScriptSync phonetically indexes all text and audible dialog in your project automatically and then syncs each source clip to its associated line in the script. Once synced, you can quickly locate all relevant clips in seconds based on a scene number, page number, or word or phrase search, enabling you to compare performances in the context of your story.
  5. Still Photographer Wanted for Unit

    CinePlay are looking for unit still photographers to work on project basis to cover their upcoming film productions. CinePlay is a new genre of story telling where we create a new language by merging the best of cinema with theatre. They work with some great talent from the industry. This is a perfect opportunity to create some great work and showcase it through their marketing collaterals and key art design! Location : Mumbai If you're interested please send in your portfolios to medha[at]cineplay[dot]com To know more about us please visit : CinePlay - A new genre of storytelling Cineplay is a new genre of cinema that brings content from theatre on the internet. CinePlay titles are Between the Lines, Dance like a Man, Bombay Talkies, the Job, adhe adhure. Cineplays include acclaimed actors such as Nandita Das, Lilette…
  6. Documentary film shooting in himlayas

    It's a nice idea to get solar panels to remote villages. I hope you are also teaching them to stay away from plastic!
  7. Suraj Gunjal : In Conversation With An Editor

    Lovely interview. @Suraj, have you seen Muzaffar Ali's Gaman? It remains an al time favourite with me...
  8. I am staring a collection of sample directors' treatment note for TTV commercials (advertising). You can make a lot of money as a fresh direction assistant or just out of film school writing treatment notes for directors. Just imagine how much is the work out there. For every TV Commercial that is made, a treatment note has to be submitted., There are tens of thousands of TV commercials being made all the time. So many times the director is just too bust to write it himself so it is outsourced.
  9. How to become a professional actor in Bollywood movies

    After you had done the above, you need to have a portfolio shot. For this you need to get the hang of photographers who can do it for you. Have yourself shot in various costumes, in various locations and poses, which you think suit your profile and the kind of work you want to do, and select the best ones. Then meet Casting Directors. These people are essential in getting you paid work. You will have to give them your photos and tell them what kind of roles you seek. Discuss the money terms very clearly. Different Casting Directors work differently. Some charge a commission on your earnings. Some don't. A comprehensive list of casting directors with their phone numbers is here. Thanks to Aditi for posting this.
  10. Ramoji Film City

    Ramoji Film City, Hyderabad
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