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  1. Wow. Just realised if I cross 10 posts on these forums, I can see a long list of casting directors...
  2. Film Distribution in India

    Wow. Impressibe information!
  3. Union rates

    Or do you know of any Actors' Union?
  4. Union rates

    are there any Union rates for atcors?
  5. Actors Wanted for marathi Film

    Oh thought would apply but is an old post.
  6. Some Fabuloius TV COmmercials

    Wow. Amazing commercials I love the Hornbach one..
  7. Crickets on Location

    I too have heard about Spectral Repair. Good tools...
  8. Sample Directors Treatment Notes

    I tink i can definitely go for a day's workshop.
  9. thank you for the information
  10. It seems the site does not work anymore...
  11. Name : Suraj Roy Age : 25 Height : 5'10" Contact : 9967080351 Experience : I have worked in the film NOOR starring Sonakshi Sinha produced by Abundantia Entertainment and T Series. Location : Mumbai. Thank you.