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Found 14 results

  1. I am staring a collection of sample directors' treatment note for TTV commercials (advertising). You can make a lot of money as a fresh direction assistant or just out of film school writing treatment notes for directors. Just imagine how much is the work out there. For every TV Commercial that is made, a treatment note has to be submitted., There are tens of thousands of TV commercials being made all the time. So many times the director is just too bust to write it himself so it is outsourced.
  2. Job description Skill: Animation Film Direction , Translate scripts , Creative planning and design , directed an animated project; Exp: 5-8 years; movie Directors who can make children movies for global audiences. If you are imaginative, and can lead others to work towards your creative vision, this job could be for you. Directors have overall responsibility for the way films are made. As a Director, you would use your creativity, organizational skills and technical knowledge to manage the whole production process. As you would be leading a team of people with very different roles, in this job you would need good communication skills. You need to be very organized and good at planning. You would also need to make quick decisions, manage your time well and keep to your budget.You will lead a large team of animators and also coordinate closely with our creative team in London to direct full-length feature films, television programmes and internet webisodes. Your main purpose would be to make the creative decisions that guide the production team. RESPONSIBILITIES Translate scripts into storyboards/animatics. Creative planning and design of the production and quality of the final delivered product. Work in sync with the entire Art team & Animation team and lead creative choices with respect to the design, storyboard, layout, animation and post- production departments. Responsible for all aspects of sound design, including casting and directing the voice actors, theme song, soundtrack and background score. Oversee the film's broad vision style, tone, color paletteand supervise with every aspect of the production process. Supervise the edit to produce the final 'cut'.RequirementsMinimum 5 8 years of work experience as an Assistant Director or 5-8 years of work experience as Associate Producer/Director for animation films or television series. Brownie points if you have directed an animated project TV commercial, short film, music video etc. Apply here.
  3. Team

    Crew Wanted for TVCs

    1) TVC Director - Who has done at least 3-4 TVC in that some has been released . 2) DOP - Who has done at least 5-6 TVC in that some has been telecast on channels 3) Creative Directors - Who has done TVC 4) Creative Writers - Who has written good concepts for TVC 5) Writers - English language only - who has written atleast 6-10 corporate AV's 6) Client Servicing managers / Marketing Managers - Who has worked for agencies . Above requirement is for our panel members. Need to fill above positions asap All positions is only for freelance basis except client servicing . Mumbai based is more preferred . Mail CV with relevant post in subject line on nimboopaniagency@gmail.com Note- other then above mentioned positions and requirement please dont mail anything else..it spam our mail ..thanx
  4. Any art directors based in Guwahati? Need one for a short film to be shot over 3-4 days between 31st March and 4th April. Paid gig. Please mail your number and resume to stage3fighting@gmail.com
  5. AdWise Advertising and AdWise Films are looking for interns and full-time photographers and cinematographers. We are also looking for Directors, ADs and Editors. We also need web designers and animators. We are working on ad-films and one feature film. Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore. Please email your detailed cv/ resume on WhatsApp at 09167291972 . Call only 2-4 pm.
  6. Dear Friends Nimboopani Advertisers is looking for DOP & Directors in its panel who has done TVC / Ad films . Only Mumbai based Director & Dop will be considered. Plz mail CV along with work link on nimboopaniagency@gmail.com Note:- CV won't be considered If (1) Its not having work link (2) If its not carrying TVC/ad film profile ? (3) who has not mentioned Budget for per day shoot (plz dont send budget with depends on project ) (4) Should not be a panel DOP or Director of other agency (Freelance work can be considered ) (5) Out of Mumbai CV Plz mail relevant profiles dont spam with sending other post's CV
  7. Visualizer cum Art Directors (MFA, Applied Art, Illustration based, well verse in Coral draw etc) Writers (bio lingual, Hindi. Craft of Screenplay writing) Social Media Person (mass com graduates. Blogger, innovative thinker,) Creative Associate (Mass com & Film making background. Drama graduates. Experienced Strategic thinkers) Creative Assistants (Mass com, film production, Drama school background. Keen learners, PPT, R&D) This is a 75 days project based in & Around Chandigarh. A fully loaded work station n vehicle will be provided. Good salary. Immediate appointments. Drop your CV on senseandcinema@gmail.com WhatsApp on 7666760386
  8. Team

    Director wanted

    I'm looking for a "Director" for my "Zero Budget Short Film." A flexible and down to earth person with the passion to work and join in for making good short films. [Note: Freshers please don't apply!] Work Location: Mumbai Please drop in your resumes and showreel at: priyanka@dentistswati.com
  9. One Stop Productions is urgently looking for the following crew for a low budget Marathi film: * Marathi Director (with at least 2 films experience) * DOP (with at least 2 films experience) * Marathi Dialogue Writer(with at least 2 films experience) * Marathi Assistant Directors - 1st, 2nd, 3rd (with knowledge of Marathi language and cinema) * Interns in direction and production( Freshers welcome) * Local Line Producer/Location Manager of Maharashtra. * Light Vendors * Camera Vendors * Food Vendors * Transport Vendors Shoot would be in rural area of Maharashta. Send your profiles at productions.onestop@gmail.com. P.S. While mailing please remember this is a low budget film so dont expect high wages!
  10. Need 1st, 2nd AD, Sound Designer, Art Director, for a low budget film. Freshers & Interns are also welcome if interested. Mail your resume to : prakashmahanand@gmail.com
  11. Urgently required "2nd Assistant Director" for a movie. It's Low Budget Film. But is "PAID JOB." Please note: 3) Please send your proper Resume with subject "For: 2nd Assistant Director Position" 4) Only those candidates apply who have worked in at least 2 Feature Films. Kindly revert asap along with your Resume at priyanka@dentistswati.com Shortlisted Candidates will be called for a meeting at our office today.
  12. Retrospective feature on Sanjay surkar by Anuradha Pandey. Sanjay Surkar, a name that every person related to Marathi cinema knows, a name that has made its mark in the sphere of cinema, a name that has changed the face of Marathi cinema and has taken it to new heights. He has left behind a legacy in form of his movies that people in times to come will follow. Sanjay Surkar is the man who dedicated his life to films and seized every opportunity he could to live his dream. He entered the industry with his first film ‘Chawkat Raja’ in 1991 about a disabled boy who meets his childhood friends after growing up. While the girl has settled in her life, he is just the way he was. Sanjay Surkar has been successful in depicting a relationship that the boy develops with his friend, her husband and her child over a period of time. Starting off with a topic like this, it becomes very easy to understand the kind of movies Sanjay Surkar was planning to make. Sanjay Surkar also had a sense of casting. He didn’t believe in always working with establishing actors but with people whom he thought would do justice to the role. Dilip Prabhanalkar, the lead actor in 'Chawkat Raja' remembers him as a very calm and composed person the set. “It was decided at the last moment that I would play the lead and even though I had no time to prepare, Sanjay Surkar showed such a faith in me that I was inspired to give my best”. Such was the personality of this great director. This was his first State and national winning movie. After this, there was surely no looking back. His other great works are 'Roasaheb', 'Tu Thite Me', 'Gharabaher', 'Aai Shappat..!'. Sanjay Surkar had the gift to see things beyond what was visible. Usually the themes of his movies have been based on what he witnesses around him. He was known for his realistic and hard hitting films. He use to make movies based on the happening that touched him. Sanjay surkar made films not just to send across his idea of a particular issue, but also to trigger the thoughts of the viewers and give them a fruit for thought. This was his style of working. His movie 'Sukhaant' was one of a kind. It touched on the topic of Euthanasia or mercy killing. Though this wasn’t a topic which was widely talked about or was adapted as a film in Marathi cinema or in Indian cinemas as a whole, it was well received by the audience and hit the box office hard. In an interview in 2009, when asked about the origination of his idea, he said that he witnessed this at a friend’s place and after doing bit of research on it, he decided to make the film. He also mentioned that it was entirely his idea and he wrote the script according to what he had witnessed and not what generally happens in the society. Sanjay Surkar had always agreed that people can have different opinions than his, and this never bothered him much as he respected other’s perception. He mentioned that many of his colleagues had a very abstract view about euthanasia but that didn’t affect his perception. This clearly states that he did what he believed into. He believed on what he had experienced and in the story that he had created and that’s how he went on about it. Sanjay surkar was man of great cinematic vision and perfection. He was very clear about what he wanted to do and what the end results would be. He worked in a very precise manner wherein he focused more on the quality and content than on other subjects. Composer Harshit Abhiraj said, “Sanjay Surkar asked me to work for his film ‘Master eke Master’ in 2009. Whenever he would come over to my studio to discuss the music, he would concentrate on the melody and not on the grandeur or the instruments and technology. He knew what he wanted and always helped his colleagues deliver it efficiently”. Sanjay Surkar has also shown the magic of his work, ideas, techniques and beliefs in other spectrum of entertainment as well. He has charmed the Television world with his bold serial like 'Avantika', story of a young girl who deals with her surrounding and stands up for herself no matter what. A strong role played by Mrinal Kulkarni who gives a lot of credit to Mr. Sanjay Surkar for the execution. Other such serials by are 'Unn Paaus', 'Sukanya' which where all aired on ZEE Marathi. Sanjay Surkar has also produced and directed shows on Hindi channels . 'Aapki Antra' that aired on Zee TV was a story of a autistic girl dealing with her life, whereas “Dhoond legi manzil humein” that aired on Star One was a story of a girl who belonged to a family involved in Politics and about her life changing experiences and unexpected entry in politics. It becomes very evident here on the kind of topics he followed. He believed in enlightening the Indian television with the same kind of informative and bold topics, very similar to what he did with his movies. In an interview, Sanjay Surkar once said that 'I don’t consider the word Bollywood apt. I believe in calling it Indian cinema because Bollywood is completely a stolen word from Hollywood', Thus after charming the Marathi cinema and Indian television with his outstanding work, Sanjay Surkar decided to make his first Hindi film 'Standby' which is based on the corruption that takes place in the sports administration in our country. Standby also introduces a lot of new faces on which Sanjay Surkar always commented “I needed young actors who looked liked players. I can’t make actors like Atul Kulkarni to play the role of a young footballer because he would look too mature for it”. A movie that showed the condition of football in our country and the politics involved in it, was very well received by people and acknowledged widely for its script and direction. It truly did justice to what Sanjay Surkar was known for. A man who was the epitome of perfection, punctuality and professionalism, was also known as a very sensitive and emotional person. Famous Marathi actor Smita Talvalkar recalls her time with the director on the premiere of his film 'Aapli Mansa' at Chitra talkies in Mumbai. “When the film opened after the puja, Sanjay Surkar was in tears. When I asked him, he told me that in standard 8th, he ran away from Nagpur and watched a movie in that very theatre. He had fallen asleep on the bench outside and the policeman had packed him off to Nagpur the next day. From that day, my friendship was cemented with him". Always known as a great director and producer all over the industry, Sanjay Surkar is a name that has left a deep impact on the minds of the people with his unique work, style, personality and moreover for the kind of person he was. He will always be remembered as the synonym of perfection and reality and his name will be counted amongst those who have dedicated their entire life to the film industry. Sanjay Surkar's IMDB Profile
  13. Hello Fellas, I am a newcomer to this forum. I am looking out for a job in Mumbai as an Assistnat Director as my interests is in Film Making. Hope to get some news soon from you guys.
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