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Found 8 results

  1. We feel for documentary filming we need excellent support for audio, zoom-lenses and auto-focus all in a compact form factor. Often we dont have the time to change lenses while shooting so a good zoom is essential. Recording audio in-camera reduces crew size, keeps costs affordable and editing faster with no time lost for syncing. The Panasonic 4K Professional Camcorder HC-X1E is thus an excellent choice. LEICA DICOMAR 4K Lens 24mm Wide-Angle / 20x optical zoom 1.0-type (inch) 4K Sensor 4K24p, UHD 60p/50p, FHD 60p/50p recording Professional Functions Triple manual rings / XLR audio input
  2. 'The train leaves at four' is a docu-fiction film of about 55 minutes. The film was shot with a family belonging to the 'Baiga' tribe, living in remote Madhya Pradesh, adjusting to "development" and will provide important insight into the question: YE KISKA DEVELOPMENT HO RAHA HAI AAKHIR KAAR? As Lamu packs his sack to migrate towards the city to work along with the labour contractor, his aging mother grieves in silence. Even her other two sons are not around to console her. While the eldest is working on the field, the youngest has set out early this morning towards the government office. He hopes to be employed in the village itself. Those hopes are soon shattered though and he is left overwhelmed. Much of what goes on in the government office – the official paperwork, the government schemes is lost in translation. By the evening, as Lamu waits for the train to arrive, the contractor’s condescending attitude and stinginess already makes it clear that he has signed up for a disaster, but it is too late for him to go back. Meanwhile, crestfallen and influenced by his brother, the youngest son too confronts his mother and expresses a desire to leave for the city.
  3. AMIRA features the same sensor and exceptional image quality as the ARRI ALEXA, recording superior HD 1080 or 2K pictures that are suitable for any distribution format. With a dynamic range of more than 14 stops, low noise levels, subtle highlight handling, natural color rendering, breathtaking skin tones and speeds of up to 200 fps, AMIRA will deliver beautiful, life-like images in any situation. AMIRA records Rec 709 or Log C images using ProRes LT, 422, 422HQ or 444 codecs. By recording to in-camera CFast 2.0 flash memory cards with super-quick data rates, the route into postproduction is made as simple as possible. CFast 2.0 is an open format, easily accessible to anyone and delivering a fantastic price-performance ratio through incredible transfer speeds, long recording times and compatibility with standard IT tools. Costs per GB are brought right down and higher-than-broadcast-quality image pipelines are made available even to low budget productions. More here..
  4. Filmmakers from Asia are invited to submit their documentary proposals to Al Jazeera. Submit your completed application form on this site. Watch the first Viewfinder Asia 8 part series on Al Jazeera English from 15 July 2013 and, over the coming weeks, see the filmmakers introduce their documentaries. What we are looking for We are looking for documentary filmmakers from Asia who can tell empowering personal stories that will inspire and illuminate our global audience. You are invited to submit proposals for the Observational Documentary Workshop for Al Jazeera to consider for commissioning for broadcast in 2014. We want you to give voice to the big issues and the changes taking place in Asia today. Your stories could be about economic equity, artistic expression, family life, social justice, housing and land, migration, environment, health or education. These types of themes are to be explored through personal stories that resonate internationally. Whether it be with laughter, tears, anger, hope or surprise, our audience worldwide should connect with your characters and be gripped by their stories. We are looking for characters who reveal insight into the human spirit no matter how powerless or powerful they may be in society. We want characters who seek change with displays of humanity such as courage and determination, resilience or kindness. These are the people looking to the future or challenging the status quo as they strive to overcome adversity and celebrate life. We want to join your characters on their journeys. We are not looking for retrospective stories, profiles/portraits nor interview-based films covered with images. Your stories need to be visually compelling with strong actuality based scenes and sequences that are key to your character’s storyline. These can be big and dramatic events or tender, small moments of intimacy. Our programme has two weekly broadcast slots. One is formatted for 25 minutes and the other is for 48 minutes. We are primarily seeking proposals that are for the 25 minute slot. If, however, we receive a proposal that is better suited for the 48 minute slot we will consider that as well. We strongly encourage you to view our Films to Watch before you send in your Application. http://ajeviewfinde r.com/films- to-watch/ Who Can Apply We seek filmmakers with some proven experience, who have a commitment to documentary storytelling and want to expand their skills to meet the observational storytelling style for Al Jazeera broadcast. This call is restricted to filmmakers who are based exclusively in Asia with stories set in Asia.The filmmaker will need to have a working knowledge of English to participate in the workshop and foster an ongoing relationship with Al Jazeera English. The director of the film will need to be available to attend the workshop from 30 September to 6 October 2013 in Busan, South Korea. Asia region includes: Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Brunei, Cambodia, China, East Timor, India, Indonesia, Japan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Laos, Malaysia, Mongolia, Myanmar, Nepal, North Korea, Pakistan, Philippines, Singapore, Sri Lanka, South Korea, Taiwan, Tajikistan, Thailand, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Vietnam. Application Application information to be included in each submitted 25 minute project proposal (1 application x 25 minute project proposal). Each section must be completed fully for the application to be accepted for consideration. Applications must be completed in English. There is no application fee. If you are having technical difficulties with the online application, please email a Microsoft Word version of your application to: witness@aljazeera. net For more Log on to http://ajeviewfinde r.com/the- application/
  5. PSBT invites proposals for SHORT documentary films of up to 10 min. each, exploring 1. Feminism 2. Gender 3. Sexuality We hope to commission between 3 and 5 films under each of the three themes. We encourage you to submit innovative and imaginative proposals that engage with these subjects powerfully. The films could be analytical, observational, narratives, animation, self-reflective, social commentaries, quirky, satirical, intense, humouros and more. We seek articulations on personal and larger experiences with feminism, gender and sexuality, either singly or as overlapping realities. Filmmakers will be granted up to a maximum of Rs One Lakh for the film and provided between 2 and 3 months for completing the Film. Each applicant can submit only ONE proposal. Filmmakers will need to submit mixed and unmixed masters of the Film on DVCAM Tapes. The last date for submitting proposals is 15 June 2013. In case of queries, write to us at proposals@psbt.org with FGS in the subject line. CALL FOR PROPOSALS PSBT-PD FILM FELLOWSHIPS 2013 This Call for Proposals is now closed. We thank everyone who has submitted a proposal to us. The Proposals are currently being processed. We will know more around the end of June 2013. While we usually consider and process proposals under specific projects, we are always open to exceptional ideas. Should you wish to propose a film to us, please submit your proposal, by filling and submitting the Form below. In case you have any queries, please write to us at proposals@psbt.org
  6. FORMEDIA presents DOK LEIPZIG LAKE FESTIVAL between March 7 – 11, 2013 at Naukuchiatal, Nainital, Uttarakhand, India. Why This Festival There are so many film festivals in India. Why would anyone want to start yet another one? Good question! Read on. So, what is – or are! – the USP of the DOK Leipzig Lake Festival. Here goes: It is a purely documentary film festival It is truly international and brings an exclusive collection of documentaries The collection comes from the oldest international documentary film festival in the world, the DOK Leipzig Film Festival – so there is really no risk about quality films It is wide-ranging because it covers different genres / strands. Something no documentary event offers in India – at least as yet It is not cluttered with demanding parallel events and offers uninterrupted intensive viewing of 15 films over five days Wonderful. So, what's the Catch 22? The usual way of running an event like this is to run around and hunt for support. It's a complicated way of trying to do something worthwhile and often imbued with strange corporate / institutional politics. We chose otherwise. We decided to place this unique documentary event in India within the marketplace. If it doesn't work there, it means it's not needed, people don't want it. So, we only approached various governments for support through their embassies in India based on the argument of cross-cultural understanding and exchange. We are still to hear from them. Apart from that, this unique documentary event has to basically run and survive on accreditations. The accreditation fee may sound high for some. The online survey we conducted before finally deciding on this event had some very strong responses about this aspect. Many feel that there should be no fee or that it should be greatly subsidised / reduced. The argument is that documentary film- makers make films on less than shoe-string budgets, do it for passion, for a cause. These are not people who should be charged a fee. Fair enough. Do heed our view on this. It has been a major step to initiate this festival without any financial support in position. To make this first edition happen, we needed some income to cover expenses. Based on the feedback from the online survey we conducted, we have tried to keep the fees as modest as possible - with special concessions for film students, groups and residents of Uttarakhand. We hope you will appreciate this initiative that brings the world of international documentaries so close. Do spread the word for the future, so we can raise funds for it. Our endeavour is to build a platform where conversations grow around the international forms of genres and storytelling techniques – and 'falling in line' is not viewed as a compromise. Rather, we envision these conversations will lead to some churning and create an Indian narrative style that, in the future, is something people will really talk about globally. We hope you understand, appreciate and empathise with our view. Your support will go a long way in truly internationalising the Indian documentary. To those whom it matters, this will also enable putting the marginalised Himalayan state of Uttarakhand, in northern India, on the global cultural map. Offering opportunities for peripheral employment and income generation to the local population, in the lake district of Nainital. So sign up! Thank you for going along with us and helping FORMEDIA make the DOK Leipzig Lake Festival a success. Join us at The Lake Resort, Naukuchiatal, from March 7 to 11, 2013 DOK Leipzig – The HeArt of Documentary DOK Leipzig, the International Leipzig Festival for Documentary and Animated Film, was founded in 1955 and is one of the leading international documentary film festivals and the oldest in the world. Unrivalled as a place of encounters between filmmakers from East and West during the Cold War, DOK Leipzig developed into one of the most dynamic festivals for documentary and animation filmmakers since the fall of the Berlin wall, due to the quality of its programming. Today it is both, a highly popular festival for the general audience and the annual meeting place for the German and international documentary film industry. The Leipzig festival has a tradition of presenting films that take a stand for peace and human dignity. On the backdrop of its eventful history, the festival celebrates the freedom of the mind, freedom of expression and the carefully chosen image. High artistic quality, outstanding narrative skills, a critical eye, precise observation, an awareness of history and the exploration of the "memory of images" are the elements that make up its diversity and character. The official festival programme comprises of five competitive sections (with awards amounting to 79,000 €) and a rich international programme. In addition, DOK Leipzig offers an annual retrospective, attractive special programmes, homages, workshops and master classes with famous film-makers. Thanks to its excellent DOK Industry offers, Leipzig has become a leading meeting place for the non-fiction industry. Every year the digital DOK Market with 300 pre-selected new international documentaries, the International DOK Leipzig Co-Production Meeting, the Leipzig Screenings of new German documentaries for international buyers, the 'Wild at Heart' think tank as well as DOK Summitpanel discussions and DOK Podiums draw 1,500 professionals from all over the world to DOK Leipzig. Since 2010, DOK Leipzig has also been active in vocational training by offering workshops and networking events in the field of cross media, by co-launching the highly successful DOK.Incubator rough-cut workshop and by connecting documentary and animation filmmakers. The 56th edition of DOK Leipzig will take place from 28th October till 3rd November 2013. List of Films : Overview - Synopses : http://www.formedia .org.in/lake- festival/ list-of-films. html#synopses
  7. Quotations are invited in sealed envelopes from reputed agencies to take up an assignment of making a documentary film on “The role of Pt. Deen Dayal Udadhayaya Institute for the Physically Handicapped in the Empowerment of Persons with Locomotor Disabilities”. The film should be of 30 (Thirty) minutes duration and prepared in HD format. The TOR (Terms of Reference) for this assignment have being uploaded on the Institute’s website at www.iphnewdelhi. in. These can also be obtained in person from Dy. Director (Admin) or Assistant Media Officer on payment of a non-refundable amount of Rs.100/- (one hundred) on any working day. The quotations, complete in all respect as per the Terms of Reference should be submitted by 21st December, 2012 addressed to Director of the Institute. Contact: Pt. Deendayal Upadhyaya Institute for the Physically Handicapped (Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment, Govt. of India) 4, Vishnu Digamber Marg, New Delhi 110002.
  8. JAWAHARLAL NEHRU UNIVERSITY NEW DELHI – 110 067 Tender Notice No. 01/2013 – 14 Dated 24.01.2013 Sealed tenders are invited from interested filmmakers, advertising and market research agencies/companies, with experience in production of video films of educational institutions for making a documentary on the University, its history, educational and cultural life, stake holders contribution and achievements etc. The documentary will aim at profiling the University as a premier education and research institution of national and international repute. Check the attached document for detailed terms and conditions. Firms satisfying the eligibility criteria may apply and submit their sealed bids latest by 25 February, 2013. Attachments with this message: PRO_UnivDocumentary.pdf
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