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Found 21 results

  1. Films Rajendraa is looking for video editors in Delhi. Post: 2 Video Editors (Senior & Junior) Software: Adobe Premiere Pro Contact: vikas@filmsrajendraa.com Share your CV along with sample work. Knowledge of after effect & graphics will be an added advantage. Kindly connect soon.
  2. SCHBANG IS HIRING IN BANGALORE Schbang, an integrated marketing solutions agency is looking to hire young and bright candidates for the following roles: 1) Sr. Solutions Strategist (Experience: 2-4 Years) 2) Graphic Designer (Experience: 0.6-2 Years) 3) Content Strategist (Experience: 1-2 Years) 4) Creative Strategist (Experience1-3 Years) 5) Video Editor (Experience: 2-5 Years) Note: Candidates must have agency/digital experience. Compensation: As per industry norms Location: Bangalore (Old Airport Road) Interested candidates can mail across their CV at careers.bangalore@schbang.com
  3. The Cinematographers' Combine presents "Remembering Renu", a memoirs of Friends and Family of one of the prolific editors of Indian Cinema, Ms Renu Saluja (1952-2000). Renu Saluja was part of iconic films like Jane Bhi Do Yaaro, Albert Pinto Ko Gussa Kyun Aata hai, Ardh Satya, Parinda, Bandit Queen, Dharavi, Sardar, 1942: A Love Story, Split Wide Open, Godmother and many more. Renu Saluja was an instititution in herself and has inspired many upcoming film-makers and editors. The Cinematographers' Combine remember Renu Saluja and attempts to pay a small tribute through this film for her immense contribution to Indian Cinema. Credits: Suresh Rajamani Indrajit Neogi Anil Mehta Sanjiv Shah Ramchandra Sunil Shanbag Nirupama Kaul
  4. We are hiring! Looking for video editors to join our team at Filter Coffee Productions at Lower Parel in Mumbai, for Wedding edits. Name of the Company: Filter Coffee Productions Experience: Max 1-2 Year in Wedding Industry Location- Mumbai Salary: As per Industry Standards Contact Person: noopuryadav89@gmail.com
  5. Dreamcatchers Hiring. Assistant Directors / Editors / Production Assistants and Interns. interested candidates mail their CV and Work links on dreamcatchersindia@gmail.com
  6. Need online editor with asst. For feature film , shooting will be held in kokan from 10th jan to 03feb, responsibilities- backup, rushes sorting, editing online cut, setup will our responsibility. Paid job, send ur cv or work on blinkstudio.pune@gmail.com
  7. Requirement: Video Editor in bangalore who knows After effects at a professional level also needs to know Rotoscope/vfx/CGI for sci-fi short films.... needs to create 3Dgraphics/logos for artists . will hire on a paid project basis . SOMEONE WHO IS REALLY PASSIONATE ABOUT VFX &CGI we have 3 projects lined up . Links of the kind of work that is required 1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DqO90q0WZ0M 2.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XVtcJoTy4K4 3.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-3_1F04Sok0 4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1nZKwreCVtU 5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gj1MqHgFnmE get in touch on wattsapp/ +91 775-7966-906 or call on +91 959 -1947-666
  8. Team

    Editor Wanted

    HocusFocus captures is looking for good editors for wedding with creative editing skills and a good knowledge on color corrections too. Interested people can mail us @ hellohocusfocus@gmail.com. People applying from Mumbai will be taken into consideration.
  9. 1) Need a DOP for a corporate in Delhi. 2) Assistant director for three films/projects starting from 15th of Dec. 3) Need a talented video editor who knows Fcp 7 to cut a 15 seconder TVC! Contact ksparsh@yahoo.com or at 9650422020. Contact 9650422020 or at ksparsh@yahoo.com
  10. Searching for one freelance editor for subtitling the independent feature film on final cut pro. And, for polishing the another feature film in which lineup is already done with the director. The editor must know the final cut pro. Paid job. Remuneration can be discussed. Location is in Mumbai. Urgent requirement. Please send your CVs on following e-mail id -dashankp96@gmail.com
  11. As a child what were your early influences towards cinema? Art, literature, graphics, photography? I’m from middle class family, my father has a small mechanical workshop. I remember he used to take us to the theatre. I watched films like “Hum saath saath hai” “Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam” “Hamara Dil Aapke Paas hai” etc… But my parents thought that we should watch films for 2 or 3hrs only for entertainment. They were strict and never allowed me for cable connection as it would have spoilt my studies, so I used to watch films only on Friday Saturday on Doordarshan. My mind was always thinking about the scenes, dialogues, action sequences and dressing styles when I would watch films. That time I was not aware about the director, editor & other crew, who work on films. I always thought that actor is the one who makes films & curious to know the life of actors, so at the beginning that influenced me towards cinema. I was fond of photography though not aware about the word “Photography” but I just enjoyed getting clicked and click others. I just knew that it captures memory and we can preserve that memory for long time, always thought that there is some similarity in photography and films. How did you first become interested in film editing? When I was in 3rd year of my graduation in Software (B. Tech), I made a short film for college competition and it got appreciated from teachers & friends. I shot that film, edited and directed it. I edited that film using moviemaker software. I was not aware about full concept of editing but I enjoyed the process when I put the shots one after the another and created some meaning and that was the time when I felt that I was in a wrong field. Then I decided to join film school exactly second day after my graduation. I moved to Mumbai for direction course where I met cinematographer Nadeem Khan (Cinematographer from FTII), who told me that its better if I go for editing as I possessed technical background. I had heard that technical people easily get jobs and that is very important if you want to survive in Mumbai. Then I joined editing course with direction dream and that was a right decision & when I started working with filmmaker Onir on his films that was when I got hooked to editing. What steps did you take to train yourself? After small course in editing I felt that I’m not going to survive with this limited knowledge, so I decided to go to FTII and SRFTII. I tried twice for both but never appeared for it. Later I attended Film Appreciation course in FTII which taught me how to take decisions in my field. After that I got job in Prime Focus as an Online Editor for 3D films. I worked on films like Immortals, Ra-One, Harry Potter and Deathly Hallows. I learnt a whole new concept of stereoscopic films & how 2D film got converted in to 3D. Meanwhile I got a chance to edit feature film called “MLA”. After editing that film, I felt that I was not ready yet & I decided to assist industry people to gain more knowledge. I met Onir, worked with him for films like “I AM” “CHAURANGA” “SHAB” as an associate editor. I also worked with Suresh Pai for “Ankhon Dekhi” & Dibakar Banerjee for “Bombay Talkies”. I simultaneously started working on my own projects. I always used to go for film festivals. I think this is the way you learn a lot, get a chance to meet new people, watch world cinema and you actually understand the impact of cinema. It always motivates me and of course Youtube is Guru for nowadays. Have you assisted anyone? How does it help one? Yes, I assisted Onir and Suresh Pai. In that case I always felt lucky because Onir is Editor & Director and Suresh Pai who is from FTII, where I always wanted to join. I had started assisting Onir on his film “I AM”. I wanted to be a director so I felt I got proper opportunity where I could learn both the things. I assisted Suresh Pai for “Ankhon Dekhi” which was a golden opportunity. I learnt very important things from both, like how to be patient on edit table, whether as a person you are patient or not. This is what I had heard in theory lectures. Onir knew that I wanted to be a director so he always used to tell things in that way. Assisting always helps. How did your first film project come about? Tell us something about experience. I did a film MLA in 2012, where I shared name with another editor so I consider my first project as an Editor is “Pagla Ghoda”, 2016 Directed by Bikas Mishra. That project came to me because earlier myself and Bikas Mishra worked together for a film “Chauranga”. He was the director of that film & I was assistant editor & promo editor for the same. Things were falling at the right place and he gave me chance for this project. What are your inspirations? To get connected with people who are honest in their field, get to know experiences of people, attend film festivals, solo traveling and visit my hometown with long intervals. Is film editing intuitive or is it something you learn? Intuitive, earlier when I was in college I use to make small videos. That time I was not aware about editing, it was intuitive. Later I learnt it and got to know about all editing grammar. What part does risk-taking play in your work, if any? Of course, risk is always there from first day of edit to the release date. After shoot editor is the only person who handles all post production process. He has to backup all rushes (Original video) & project files. He can’t take the risk of losing rushes or project files that he has spent days working on. Also, editor is the one who again tells or writes the story using his own technical knowledge and if he fails to do it then someone has to pay for it. People say good editor can save the director from suicide but I think good editor can save the producer from suicide. Do you think the audience is perceptive about an edit? What kind of feedback do you get from non-film maker audience for your work? Yes, I think nowadays because of new cinematic experience audience have started talking about editing. After screening I often heard people saying that story was lagging because of edit, film was good but it was lengthy, they discuss about effects, cuts, colors. I think when audience discusses the film on edit level then that’s a bad news for editor. Because of changing technology people get to know more about it. Film Technology is continuously changing. Do you think it affects you as an editor, in the way you want to tell stories? Yes, sometimes, technology is such a thing where you unexpectedly get to know new things and you adopt those things in your work, it helps a lot, same way sometimes it creates new challenges. Like, it has made editing tools easy. Today everyone learns it. People direct their own stories and they start their own creative edit. After that they come to editor with their first cut (sometime they say they need only operator) & then editor starts his work in midway from the provided first cut. At this point of time it is very difficult for the editor to think fresh and new on the project because the first cut has already blocked his mind with re-telling their story once in the script and another with your own edit, I have seen such cases. If the director has editing knowledge then the case is different. Favorite films or editors? At least two of them? My Favorite films are Khosla Ka Ghosla, Love Aaj Kal, Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara, Before Sunrise/Sunset, 127 Hours and editors are Suresh Pai, Namrata Rao, Walter Murch, Thelma Schoonmaker. Any hurdles you have encountered in your journey. Things that are blocks in a achieving your vision while working on your film. Health problem. Because of excessive sitting I faced back problem and I have taken break for long time now. I am back again on my track. I never faced any another problem other than this. Do you often get all that is in your wish list or is it hard bargain every time? Yes, I get all that is in my wish list but sometimes I have to bargain for it and who doesn’t? Advice for the editor? Don’t make your own edit style because that doesn’t work. What is in the kitty now? Working on ad films & documentaries, soon starting new project but still untitled. Any memorable blunders? Mistakes happens when you are a beginner but I don’t think I did any memorable blunder Dream project? To edit my own feature film. Who do you want to take out for dinner? Golshifteh Farahani What are you listening to right now? And most recent book? And Movie? Reading Hitler and busy with watching TV Series “Narcos” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=begIowbZEjo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UmzgEtnJ5ac https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LVMTYTEUO1Q https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yq_1L_8bep0 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FrnWZzXWsFQ
  12. Riverbank Studios, a 42 year old film production house with a fully integrated documentary and motion picture film production unit is currently looking for Full Time film editors who can help edit films/documentaries etc. We would prefer a fresher with working knowledge of FCP and Adobe Photoshop. We would love to have a 'Woman' on board! Compensation: Negotiable Location: New Delhi E-mail id: roohi@riverbankstudios.com Phone no: 011-26216508, 011-26410684.
  13. Opening for Video Editor Location: Mumbai Only Should have good knowledge of MotionGraphics & good editing sense. Softwares: Adobe after effects, premiere pro. Experience: 1-5yrs Interested candidates mail your Profile at Hr.tubersstudio@gmail.com Contact: Rohit Bhanushali 022-40039200
  14. Looking for an editor for 1 month project its on urgent basis . Please mail work link along with one month pay package .Office is in malad west email link on nimboopaniagency@gmail.com
  15. AdWise Advertising and AdWise Films are looking for interns and full-time photographers and cinematographers. We are also looking for Directors, ADs and Editors. We also need web designers and animators. We are working on ad-films and one feature film. Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore. Please email your detailed cv/ resume on WhatsApp at 09167291972 . Call only 2-4 pm.
  16. oncemoreentertainmentsevents@gmail.com Full crew wanted.
  17. Need an Editor salary basis, Monkey trading Inc., mail your profile.. badrinathsabat@gmail.com
  18. Team

    Editor wanted

    Editor required fresher or some experience knowledge of FCP and After Effect is must Mumbai based (our office is in malad west) editor who can join from tomorrow or asap with salary of 7000 rs / month fixed can mail Cv on contact@nimboopaniadvertisers.com
  19. Team

    Editor Wanted

    We are looking for a person with knowledge & skills in both editing and graphic/web designing. Position is at Juhu, Mumbai. Mail your CV/work profile asap to us at -sixsigmafilms@gmail.com
  20. Team

    Video Editor Wanted

    Black Ticket Films is a multi-award winning creative agency and film production company based in New Delhi, India We are looking for editors to work with us on a variety of projects (including documentaries, institutional films and corporate videos). Interested candidates can send in their resume with samples of work to: blackticketfilms[ at]gmail[ dot]com Candidates with strong knowledge of After Effects are preferred.
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