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  1. http://vimeo.com/99288975 This post has been promoted to an article
  2. Hi friends hope all of u are good. My production house is looking for budget film scripts. Something based on youth, Genre- social, drama, thriller, horror, comedy, experimental, abstract. if anyone has any good stuff please contact us through email on film.rde@gmail.com or u guys can what's up me @ 9920900091. Tanima Bhattacharya
  3. Looking for a Male & Female actor between the age group of 20-24 for a short film. It will be an outdoor shoot for 2 days. Non-paid, only accommodation will be provided. If interested contact me with your profile at suneelgoyal84@gmail.com
  4. The Entertainment Society of Goa cordially invites you for the 19th European Union Film Festival- Goa which will be held from 26th of April to 4th May 2014 at Maquinez Palace- Audi I. Themed as “Voices of Youth”- In its last year of being a teenager, the 19th European Union Film Festival in India invites you to relive them through a collection of 19 award-winning movies showcasing different stories of youth. It's a collection of dreams and passion, fear and frustration, fun and joy, mistakes and recognition – all things old and young for both the young and not-so-young. The festival will be inaugurated on 26th April at Maquinez Palace- Audi I, 5:00pm with a special screening of the Hungarian movie Fresh Air in the presence of the Consul General of Hungary (Mumbai). ESG website- Screening Schedule: http://www.iffigoa.org/iffi2013/wp-content/uploads/2014/04/screening_schedule_goa.pdf Festival Catalogue: http://www.iffigoa.org/iffi2013/wp-content/uploads/2014/04/euff_2014_catalogue.pdf Film Trailers : On the homepage of the website. Synopses of the films: Fresh Air | Friss Levegő|2006 - Col - 109 min| Hungary Cast Izabella Hegyi, Juli Nyakó, Anita Túróczi, Zoltán Kiss Directed by Ágnes Kocsis Viola lives quietly with her daughter Angela in a tidy flat. Though they seldom talk to one another and both are possessed of nearly obsessive domestic behavioural patterns. Viola wants to find a new man, while Angela has ambitions to become a fashion designer. Both women want to escape their humdrum lives to find something different. Bright Vision | Aisling Gheal|2010 - Col - 119 min Directed by Dónal Ó Céilleachair This documentary focuses on ten-year-old Shahira Apraku, who has a German mother and a Ghanian father and who attends the local Irish speaking school. Shahira embodies an entire new generation of Irish speakers and sean-nós singers. Sean-nós, a type of traditional Irish signing, is considered to be the holy grail of Irish traditional music and the Sean-nós singer is the living embodiment of a tradition that stretches far into Gaelic history. Breathing | Atmen|2011 - Col - 93 min Cast Thomas Schubert, Georg Friedrich, Gerhard Liebmann, Karin Lischka Directed by Karl Markovics Eighteen-year-old Roman Kogler is serving time in a juvenile detention center. He has already served half of his sentence, and could be released on probation, but his chances are poor: he doesn't have a family, and he seems incapable of coping with society. After many failed attempts, Roman finds a probation job at the municipal morgue in Vienna. One day, Roman is faced with a dead woman who bears his family name. Even though it soon turns out that she is not his mother, Roman wonders about his past for the first time and starts looking for his mother. Of all things, it is this job dealing with the death that shows him the path back to life. The Brides |2004 - Col - 123 min| Greece Cast Damien Lewis, Victoria Charalambidou, Andrea Ferreol, Evi Saoulidou Directed by Pantelis Voulgaris Many women from these countries attempt to find husbands in the United States through correspondence. When the bride Eleni returns from the United States to Samothrace, Greece, since she has not adapted to the life in America, her sister Niki Douka is assigned as her replacement. She travels aboard the SS King Alexander to New York to marry the Greek immigrant in Chicago. She becomes a leader of the brides and discovers the scheme of the crook Karabulat from Georgia with the Russian brides. She also falls in love with the American photographer Norman Harris from Detroit. But Nikki is committed with Prodromos and she knows about the consequences if she runs away with Norman. Snowboarders | Snowboarďáci |2004 - Col - 99 min| Czech Republic Cast Vojtěch Kotek, Jiří Mádl, Ester Geislerová, Jiří Langmajer, Pavla Tomicová, Lucie Vondráčková, Barbora Obozněnková, Braňo Polák, Martin Písařík Directed by Karel Janák» The fast-paced teen comedy, full of suspense, romance and action thrills, explores the playful aspects of the new millennium's younger generation life. Jáchym and Rendy are friends who really like snowboarding. And they're champions at it — although only on computer simulators. They're 16 and determined to change their lives. The first step is a fabulous trip to the mountains and their plan was to have a blast — on the slopes and off. Great soundtrack, funny teen gags and charming winter atmosphere at the mountains made the film win the Czech Lion Audience Award of 2004 and made it the most popular Czech teen comedy for many years. Sneakers | Kecove|2011 - Col - 110 min| Bulgaria Cast Philip Avramov, Valeri Yordanov, Ivan Barnev, Vassil Draganov, Ivo Arakov, Ina Nikolova Directed by Ivan Vladimirov, Valeri Yordanov In the beginning of summer six young people try to escape from their own failures connected with their families, love, ambitions, money making etc. They escape from the aggression of the city invaded by the “different”. Each of them flees East of Hell... as far as possible and to the seacoast. A deserted beach brings them together and helps them find hope again. But is such an escape possible at all? Shocking Blue | Shocking Blue|2010 - Col - 82 min| The Netherlands Cast Ruben van Weelden, Jim van der Panne, Niels Gomperts and Lisa Smit Directed by Marck de Cloe William, Jack and Chris have been friends for as long as they can remember -until that day in April when Jack ends up under the wheels of a tractor, his body crushed, William at the wheel. Suddenly nothing is left of the boys' friendship. Chris tries his best, but William is one lump of impenetrable rock, secretly wondering if the events of the night before, when Jack went off with fifteen-year old Marianne, had anything to do with the accident... Killing Bono | 2011 - Col - 114 min| United Kingdom Cast Ben Barnes, Robert Sheehan, Krysten Ritter Directed by Nick Hamm Two brothers attempt to become global rock stars but can only look on as old school friends U2 become the biggest band in the world. Love Me or Leave Me |Miluj ma alebo odíď|2013 - Col - 95 min| Slovakia Cast Éva Bandor, Marko Igonda, Diana Pavlačková, Elena Podzámska, Anikó Varga Directed by Mariana Čengel Solčanská Sixteen-year-old Mira cannot forgive her mother for getting married after her father's death and finding happiness alongside a new husband and a child. Left-out daughter will revenge for mother´s lack of interest by her escapes from home and provocative behaviour. However, her biggest trump will be to take over the mother´s husband. Mira, in her attempts for incestuous relationship with her stepfather, is plunging into a self-destructing gamble and does not realize that her desperate effort is in fact a call for mother´s love. Hope is a Strange Place /A Esperança Está Onde Menos Se Espera|2009 - Col - 115 min Cast Ana Padrao, Alcídia Vaz, Virgílio Castelo, José Carlos Cardoso, Carlos Nunes Directed by Joaquim Leitão Portugal Lourenço is the son of Francisco Figueiredo, a soccer coach at the beginning of a very promising career. Everything goes well: Francisco's team is in the Portuguese Cup final and Lourenço is going to be class valedictorian in a very prestigious private high school. But everything starts to collapse. Francisco is fired and Lourenço is transfered to a public high school whose students are predominantly from a ghetto near Lisbon. While Lourenço is fighting to fit into a new and harsh reality, he also helps his father find his lost dignity. Don't Be Afraid | No tengas miedo|2011 - Col - 90 min| Spain Cast Michelle Jenner, Lluís Homar, Belén Rueda, Nuria Gago, Rubén Ochandiano, Cristina Plazas, Javier Pereira, Irantzu Erro, Ainhoa Quintana, Irene Cervantes, Maider Salas Directed by Montxo Armendáriz Silvia is a young girl marked by a dark childhood. At the age of 25 she decides to rebuild her life and face the people, feelings and emotions that keep her bound to the past. In her struggle against adversity and against herself, she learns how to control her fears and becomes an adult woman, taking control of her own actions. »Don't Be Afraid« it is Montxo Armendáriz's approach to the very difficult and sometimes taboo subject of child abuse. Garbage Prince | Roskisprinssi|2011 - Col - 100 min| Finland Cast Jon-Jon Geitel, Pihla Maalismaa,Kristiina Elstelä, Heikki Silvennoinen, Milla Kaitalahti Directed by Raimo O. Niemi Nineteen-year-old Jed walks out on his former life, without destination,without explanation, and gets on a train. He ends up by happenstance in a small eastern town where he soon comes face to face with the daily rigors of independent life. Coping becomes a challenge for him almost to the point of being an obsession. Of all the people in town, Jed seems to constantly run across the prickly and quick-witted seventeen-year-old Lulu. Gradually, without either of them admitting it, their relationship changes from bickering, picking on each other and a battle of wills to friendship, and as can happen, finally to love. Easy | Scialla|2011 - Col - 97 min| Italy Cast Fabrizio Bentivoglio, Filippo Scicchitano, Barbora Bobulova, Vinicio Marchioni Directed by Francesco Bruni This debut feature film from celebrated screenwriter Francesco Bruni is touching comedies about two broken men who help each other find their way. A ghost writer for sports and television celebrities, he is currently writing the biography for former adult star Tina, while also tutoring privately to make ends meet. One of his students is Luca, a drifting and despondent teenager who is on the brink of failure at school. Luca's mother takes a six-month job in Mali, and asks Bruno to look after her son while she's away. Confused by the request, Bruno's world is turned upside down when she reveals he is Luca's father. A poignant yet fresh story about a man learning to become a father and a son to become a man. Love Like Poison | Un Poison Violent |2010 - Col - 92 min| France Cast Clara Augarde, Lio, Michel Galabru, Stefano Cassetti, Thierry Neuvic Directed by Katell Quillévéré Anna, a young teenager, comes home from her Catholic boarding school for the holidays and discovers her father has left. Her mother is devastated and confined in the company of the local priest, who is also a childhood friend. Anna clings to her beloved grandfather. She also grows close to Pierre, a free spirited teenager who cares little about God. Anna is preparing for her confirmation, but her budding desire for Pierre shakes her faith. She longs to give herself over, body and soul... but doesn't know if it is to God, or something else? Aching Hearts | Kærestesorger|2009 - Col - 125 min| Denmark Cast Thomas Ernst, Simone Tang, Søren Pilmark, Andrea Vagn Jensen, Finn Directed by Nils Malmros Set in the early 1960s, the story evolves around high school sweethearts Jonas and Agnete, their friendships and families, trials and tribulations. Jonas fails to give Agnete the kind of attention she craves, and when she decides to start a new romance, he feels for the first time a cold stab of jealousy. Their rocky relationship takes Jonas through the spectrum of emotions that arises with an aching heart. »Aching Hearts« is shot over a period of three years, taking into account the development of the young actors, some of whom are amateurs from the actual milieus Malmros is depicting. On the Sly | A Pas de Loup|2012 - Col - 77 min| Belgium Cast Wynona Ringer, Olivier Ringer, Macha Ringer Directed by Olivier Ringer In a world and in a time not so faraway lived a little girl who had the feeling to be invisible in her parent’s eyes. To be sure, she decided to disappear. You Am I | Aš Esi Tu|2006 - Col - 90 min| Lithuania Cast Daiva Jovaišienė, Silvia Ferreiri, Renata Vėberytė Loman, Mykolas Vildžiūnas, Jurga Jutaitė, Andrius Bialobžeskis Directed by Kristijonas Vildžiūnas A contemporary tale about an architect-dreamer building a futurist house in a tree, within a gloomy forest. His determination to create a new model of life has to go through various trials. Courage, sincerity and simplicity help him to acquire “Half a kingdom and a princess' heart” like in a fairy tales; in other words, maturity and love. Happiness is not lost until the dream about it is alive. Lessons of a Dream | Der ganz große Traum |2011 - Col - 113 min| Germany Cast Daniel Brühl, Burghart Klaußner, Thomas Thieme Directed by Sebastian Grobler Based on real events, »Lessons of a Dream« tells the story of young teacher Konrad Koch, who starts working in a preppy school in Braunschweig in 1874. Koch is teaching English, but the subject doesn′t interest his pupils at first. In order to gain their attention, he introduces them to a popular sport, which is the craze in England, but unknown in Germany – football. His new approach works with the youngsters, but causes dismay among his conservative colleagues and the elitist parents. They try to get rid of the unorthodox educator, but have underestimated the commitment of the schoolboys. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- All films will be screened in national languages of member states of the European Union, with English subtitles. Among them there are languages like Hungarian, Irish, Danish and Lithuanian – many of which you may hear for the first time. Better than anything, all films portray Europe's fascinating diversity and its rich cinema tradition. Entry to the festival is free, with seating on first-come, first-served basis. For more info log on to the website www.iffigoa.org and also log on to Entertainment Society of Goa- Facebook page for constant updates Entertainment Society of Goa (ESG) Maquinez Palace, 1st Floor, Old GMC Heritage Precinct, D.B. Marg, Campal, Panaji, Goa 403001 Voice: 91-832-2428111 Fax: 91-832-2428000 Email: registration@iffigoa.org Website: www.iffigoa.org
  5. required delhi based dilouge writer , editor and music director for a hindi feature film . mail ur profile at zeeshanscript@gmail.com call - 09990452646.
  6. About Children' s Film Society India CFSI started functioning in 1955 as an autonomous body under the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting with Pandit Hriday Nath Kunzru as President. CFSI's maiden production Jaldeep won the first prize for best Children' s Film at the 1957 Venice Film Festival. Since then CFSI has continued to produce, exhibit and distribute quality content for children: from feature films, shorts, animations to television episodes and documentaries. Over the years some of the brightest talents of Indian Cinema – Mrinal Sen, Satyen Bose, Tapan Sinha, K Abbas, Shyam Benegal, MS Sathyu, Sai Paranjpe, Budhdhadeb Dasgupta, Santosh Sivan, Ram Mohan, Rituparno Ghosh and Pankaj Advani to name a few – have directed films for us. They are joined by many other new and imaginative film-makers who have created some of the most delightful children' s content in the country. CFSI promotes films that provide healthy and wholesome entertainment for children to broaden their perspective and encourage them to reflect on the world around. With an enviable catalogue of 250 films in 10 different languages, CFSI remains the prime producer of children' s films in South Asia. We also organise film screenings across the country, reaching out to approximately four million children annually. CFSI is committed to strengthening the children' s film movement within India and promoting Indian produced children' s films across the globe. Advt-for-Post-of-MH.pdf Advt-for-Post-of-PH.pdf
  7. Need a script writer assistants required(delhi based) Experienced/freshers can apply. buddhijivi@india.com
  8. oncemoreentertainmentsevents@gmail.com Full crew wanted.
  9. Need an EP for marathi film. Contact :- patharkarbhushan@yahoo.co.in
  10. Waves Video Contest.
  11. Team

    yusmarg roadroads

    From the album: Roads in Kashmir

  12. Team

    IMG 4672roads

    From the album: Roads in Kashmir

  13. One Stop Productions is urgently looking for the following crew for a low budget Marathi film: * Marathi Director (with at least 2 films experience) * DOP (with at least 2 films experience) * Marathi Dialogue Writer(with at least 2 films experience) * Marathi Assistant Directors - 1st, 2nd, 3rd (with knowledge of Marathi language and cinema) * Interns in direction and production( Freshers welcome) * Local Line Producer/Location Manager of Maharashtra. * Light Vendors * Camera Vendors * Food Vendors * Transport Vendors Shoot would be in rural area of Maharashta. Send your profiles at productions.onestop@gmail.com. P.S. While mailing please remember this is a low budget film so dont expect high wages!
  14. Films have power. They create conversation. They reveal truths. They inspire. But for far too long, Hollywood has told only half the story: what is missing are the stories of women as change agents and heroes in their own right. For the fourth year, Barnard College, the most sought-after women’s college in the nation, will celebrate women’s leadership both on and off-screen at the Athena Film Festival, scheduled to take place from February 6-9, 2014. The Festival aims to expand the definition of what it means to be a female leader, highlighting the many ways that women can and do make a difference. The weekend program exhibits a wide range of cinema including Academy Award-nominated films, top tier features, documentaries, and shorts. The Festival’s audiences are invited to engage in conversations with directors, writers, and producers that challenge convention and examine leadership with a new lens. Submissions are now open for the Athena Film Festival. They will be accepted until September 15. We are looking for documentaries, features and shorts that: * Reveal the diverse narratives of women leaders from all walks of life—narratives of ambition, courage, strength and resilience. * Showcase women leaders who help us interpret the reality of the modern world—captivating stories of truth, determination, innovation and vision. * Highlight the talents of emerging artists — capturing a new generation’s take on what truly makes exemplary women leaders. Important Information To Keep in Mind: * All films must feature a female in a leadership position at the center of the story. * Films may be directed by a person or people of any gender. ***** Films that are directed by women but do not focus on female leadership will not be considered.* **** If you are interested in submitting your film to the Athena Film Festival, please submit the following information to athenafilmfestival@ gmail.com * A brief synopsis of the film and any relevant links (especially trailers) * Type of film: documentary, feature, or short. * Running time, country of origin and language of film. * Year the film was made. * Type and date of release (if applicable) * Names of film festivals or other venues your film has been shown (if applicable) * Contact information: Name, email, address, phone number and Skype. * Rights Holder Information: Name, email, address, phone number and Skype. (if it is different from the contact information) If your film falls into the festival criteria and we would like to watch your film for potential inclusion in the festival, you will be contacted. Please do not contact us. Submissions need to be on DVD (in NTSC format) or available online (with no password expiration date.) Submission deadline: September 15, 2013 For all questions contact: athenafilmfestival@ gmail.com
  15. For aspiring filmmakers and cinema buffs- a weekends filmmaking workshop for working professionals is going to start soon - if you'd like to do something interesting with your weekends, please have a look -----The workshop is facilitated by filmmakers trained at the Film and Television Institute of India, Pune - I swear by this workshop - did this a couple of years ago and it was quite an initiation into understanding cinema - APPLY IF INTERESTED (see info below)
  16. Incredible Media looking for male and female actresses for number of short films...film will be sent to prestigious national & international film festivals ... people who are genuinely want to work, please send your portfolio to rahul.s.dave@gmail.com remuneration will be low...as short films are with limited budgets...please note it. people who gives priority to money over work...please excuse me.
  17. we are looking for a feature film score composer - as a guide reference 'the secrets in their eyes' on google and listen to the soft but emotive piano score - please forward CV and links to any work in the first instance to rajan@tikkatikka.com - new and existing composers welcome - if sending work please make sure they are 15mb or less
  18. ***BANGALORE RESIDENTS ONLY*** Hey Guys! This is for an upcoming Semi-feature multi-plot independent film. We plan to start shoot late August or first week September. We are looking for following Talents for this film. We would like to limit these requirements only to Aspirants who have great talent but haven't really got a chance to showcase it. 1) Cinematographer (Canon 7D / 5D) 2) Film Editor 3) Make-up Artist. 4) Hair dresser Paid job : Yes (however they are limitations; we are not a small; mid-size or big production house; we have a good team who at the moment is trying to make a film which seems quite difficult to shoot; but we are head strong and are confident to pull it off.) Interested folks; please email me at fdrakefilms@gmail.com with a little good to know information about yourself; you previous work (if any) and the remuneration you would expect for the amazing work you are capable off!
  19. AUDITIONS FOR NEXT UPCOMING HINDI FEATURE FILM. (Hero & Heroine, artist,) Different characters r most welcomed as Fat & Thin Person M/F, Big grown beard, Scar Marks, etc. Mail @ mayur_chauhan1@yahoo.co.in / dinusa9@rediffmail.com NOTE : Send us videos of your acting Send the email of your portfolio, videos, contact no and CV.
  20. We Care Film Fest is an annual international travelling festival of documentary films on disability issues. It is organized by Brotherhood in association with the United Nations Information Centre for India and Bhutan (UNIC), the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), the National Trust, the Asian Academy of Film and Television (AAFT), Rapiscan System and the Global Rainbow Foundation, Mauritius. This unique Festival began in 2003 and is now in its eleventh year. The Festival is an advocacy tool that seeks to bring about attitudinal and behavioral changes on approaches to disability, promote the inclusion of people with disabilities, and rid people of misconceptions, myths and prejudices surrounding disability issues. The Festival seeks to promote the rights of persons with disabilities as set out in the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UNCRPD) which came into force on 3 May 2008, as also the Persons with Disabilities (Equal Opportunities, Protection of Rights and Full Participation) Act, 1995 (‘PWD Act’) and the National Trust Act, 1999. The Festival’s uniqueness lies in the fact that it is a 1. Travelling film festival: Screenings will be organized at 25 venues including educational institutions, universities and hospitals across India and other countries including Paris, Mauritius, Dubai and Doha. The next edition of the festival will begin in August 2013 and conclude in May 2014. We are expecting approximately 10,000 audience will watch and rate each and every film/documentary. 2. Involves a Participatory Rating Process (PRP) wherein the audience rates each film. An independent jury then judges the films on the basis of these ratings. This process provides a unique opportunity to students to develop their understanding and perspectives relating to disability issues, and also contributes to the process of participatory rating. Entries of documentary films are invited for 11th edition of We Care Film festival 2014 from anywhere from the world on the issues of disability. For any query you can contact at wecarefilmfest@gmail.com.
  21. Call For Entries! 2nd Kolkata Shorts International Film Festival-13 Submission Open: Short Films | Documentaries | Animations | Music Videos | Production Companies Awards Regular Entry Deadline: 31 July 2013 Festival Date: 24 August 2013, Kolkata To submit your movie kindly visit festival website: http://miniboxoffice.com/kolkatashortsinternationalfilmfestival Team Miniboxoffice Kolkata Shorts International Film Festival-13 info.kolkata@miniboxoffice.com Tel: 0120-4129059 | +91 9582320467 www.miniboxoffice.com
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