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Found 3 results

  1. Film Review- Dream House (2011) Category- Thriller, Suspense I am so fond of thrillers.....and DREAM HOUSE, satiates the rush for this thrill ! Everyone loves their house and a house is where the heart is....but hold it till you start getting involved with our man of the house, Mr.Publisher, suave Daniel Craig as Will Atenton. Our hero is a publisher in New York, who quits his steaming job for living with his beautiful wife Libby (Rachel Weisz, such a pretty face she is!) and two beautiful daughters. Libby loves the laid-back life of the quaint town, New England, where she has just moved in and simply adores it. She paints, rears her daughters (Taylor Geare as Trish & Claire Geare as Dee Dee), takes care of her husband and feels safe having hubby darling around her since he's quit his job which would give him more time with his family and his book which needs to go on the shelf soon.. The film moves from the busy New York life of Mr.Publisher toasting to his farewell party and driving down to New England mansion where Libby is shown talking to someone on the phone at the main door, while Will parks the car behind a bush and tries to sneak to a spot unnoticed, to surprise Libby by throwing snowballs on her....she's surely surprised with the act as she wasn't sure if Will would take the final plunge. The family is settling in the idyllic house of their own, where the setting of the house and its beautification is still happening but the family is happily cozying upto each other in a typical family way, such a beautiful picture-book sight. The doting father puts the kids to bed after enjoying a good supper with the entire family and when everything is done with, he sweetly snuggles to his wife for calling the day off. A dreamy, happy and loving family in a beautiful house, surely a Dream House. The sole neighbors of the Atenton family, stays across the road and are shown as a strange lot, with the woman of the house (Naomi Watts as Ann Patterson) living with her teen daughter whose father (Martan Csokas as Jack Patterson) lives separately but visits often to pick up the daughter (Rachel G Fox as Chloe Patterson) for daily chores. The so-called neighbors don't look friendly but Ann is shown a number of times staring at our Man and she does go to the Atenton's place to welcome the family with a sweet gesture of hand cooked delicacy for the entire family which is strangely received by only Will since Libby is shown busy decorating the upper floor of the house. The intrigue of the story begins from that moment on..... One can occasionally feel a strange vibe in the movements of all the characters and by the underlying strangeness, one begins to smell a dead rat around! All of a sudden, our suave, well dressed man of the house is shown wearing a grumpy, saddened and harassed look, as there is someone who's watching over the family late in the night and trying to get into the house. The other night, a bunch of teens are caught by our man of the house in his basement, performing some ritual with burning candles and slogans on the wall saying "killer go away". These strange happenings are disturbing and when Will approaches the local police, cops are reluctant to take up the case and refuse to help out by sharing any information on any history of mishaps related to the house. On the other hand the neighbors are fighting out their own nasty, custody battle over their teen daughter and Mr.Patterson is shown misbehaving with Ann a number of times. All the strange happenings are continuously disturbing and Will decides to find out the truth on his own, when one night the elder daughter, Trish calls out Libby saying, "there's a man outside". Will rushes out to take the intruder down but fails to catch him. Will takes it up on himself, to find out about these mysterious happenings and decides to go to the nearby police-station again where he manages to know that there has been a gruesome murder in the Dream House of his, which was heinously done by some Peter Ward. Will sets out, to unravel the mystery of the brutal crime committed against the former residents of his dream house and tries to speak to Ann, who eventually does help Will. Unravelling the knots towards the climax, Will with the help of Ann manages to detangle the mysteries of his dream house, setting Libby and the kids free though in a different way..... The visual shift, from Libby, the beautiful wife of Will, to the mother of the two daughters in distress is remarkable and the viewers are kept hooked continuously. Adding to a great edgy cinema experience, the acting of Will and Libby is commendable and each supporting character has delivered flawlessly. Dream House though a tad slow in its pace, keeps the intrigue intact giving the viewers a good aftertaste of a thriller!! Cast & Crew: Production Company: Morgan Creek Entertainment Producer: Daniel Bobker, Ehren Kruger, David Robinson, James G. Robinson Director: Jim Sheridan Writer:David Loucka Cinematography: Caleb Deschanel Music: John Debney Editor: Glen Scantlebury, Barbara Tulliver Actors: Rachel Weisz, Naomi Watts, Daniel Craig, Elias Koteas, Marton Csokas, Taylor Geare, Claire Geare, Rachel G. Fox, Jane Alexander, Brian Murray, Mark Wilson, David Huband, Bernadette Quigley, Sarah Gadon, Amrtin Roach, Jean Yoon, Lynne Griffin, Jonathan Potts, Marley Otto, Joe Pingue, David Fox, Karen Glave, Ryan Blakely, Gregory Smith. Watch the trailer on-
  2. Film: Jojo Rabbit Family makes a man and the man makes a country .. a saying used beautifully for weaving the entire story behind the little Rabbit.. If it wasent for the Hail....I would have lost interest in the Rabbit before it started hopping through the vivd frames of the tale of a young lad who brings the glorious past back to the screen in a subtle, comical and yet powerful manner. A film influenced heavily by Adolf Hitler, is not a regular war narrative but an emotionally sweet yet thought provokingly funny story, told through the eyes of Jojo Betzler, a 10 year old English lad born in the German setup! Its that time in German history when the Fuhrer is at the verge of the historic fall-down bringing a fresh light of freedom for the Jews. The film brilliantly revolves around JOJO our man on the mission of attaining superior fan-following for the Fuhrer . Little Jojo (Roman Griffin Davis) steals the show and over-shadows Adolf (Taika Waititi) with the innocence of childhood and the burning desire to prove his love and idolization for Hitler. Jojo is a true Nazi lover and follows the preachings of Hitler till the last word until the beautiful Jew-teen Elsa (Thomasin Mc.Kenzie) crosses Jojo's path causing butterlfies in his stomach, literally (I love this effect being shown on screen in a comic way, sprinkling innocent love on the audience too.) But Jojo is gearing up to go into the battle field at the raw age of 10 years and yet the empathetic emotions for Jews are starting to shape up in his little heart, tearing Jojo between Adolf and Elsa. The battle of raw, innocent emotions for what is right and what is wise from the eyes of Jojo is the gripping factor in this beautifully conceived film by writer & Director (Taika Waititi). The child protagonist has flawlessly given strong competition to the big-wigs of the industry! Screen time of, beautiful mother of Jojo, Rosie Betzler (Scarlett Johansson) is limited yet powerful. She dances through the frames in her typically stylish leather shoes, the two-tone-brown-and-white shoes are at first a symbol of beauty which Jojo sees in his mother as playfulness, but then they telegraph a tragic story which changes Jojo's world and is symbolic to one of the Hitler's gut-wrenching rules followed during his era. Captain Klenzendorf (Sam Rockwell) has given an amusingly emotional performance till the end of the film and yet maintains the limelight on little Jojo. Captain's entire team, comprising of Fraulein Rahm (Rebel Wilson), Finkel (Alfie Allen), has given a laudable performance. Each shift in focus, on Captain and his team, is a riot of laughter. Not to miss... the heart warming performance of best friend of Jojo, Mr. Yorki (Archie Yates). He is truly supportive of Jojo at each step and reminds the audience as little Hugh Grant. All the characters in this film hold significant effect on the audience and brings a strong feeling inside the viewer.The film is worth a watch for the impeccable acting and narrative! Cast & Crew: Director- Taika Waititi Screenplay- Taika Waititi & Christine Leunens (Novel) Actors- Roman Griffin Davis, Archie Yates, Thomasin McKenzie, Scarlett Johansson, Taika Waititi, Sam Rockwell, Rebel Wilson, Alfie Allen, Stephen Merchant, Luke Brandon Field, Sam Haygarth. Editor-Tom Eagles Producer- Carthew Neal, Taika Waititi, Chelsea Winstanley EP- Kevan Van Thompson Music-Michael Giacchino Watch the trailer-
  3. Hollywood Film- Charlie's Angels (2019) Genre: Action, Adventure, Comedy Shake your bonn bonn ...shake your gunn gunn...!! This film gets women all empowered with high flying kicks and some jaw-dropping style statements on screen. Women with all power and brains really are rocking Holly-wood screens, inspiring real life Mademoiselles revving up their muscular swag too. Well crafted film which has all the freshness of new faces with punch of camaraderie and a lot of tech spice, the Angel's are surely going to rock the box-office but a true fan-follower would somewhere miss the original beauties lighting up Charlie's badass busting, we do miss Cameroz Diaz, Drew Barrymore & Lucy Liu's sparks. The film showcases suave fashionista, who also happens to be the director of our ladies driven film, Elizabeth Banks (Bosley) glams up our two angels Kristen Stewart (Sabina Wilson) & Ella Balinska (Jane Kano). The third angel in making is kept as the icing on the cake till almost the end of the film. Ella Balinska kicks monstrous butts in the most stylish way, she's the next bond girl in making but all three angels are worth admiring!! I personally loved the energy in the film with all the poshness, an attribute of classy ladies. Men in the film may have been shadowed by the presence of all women brigade but Patrick Stewart (John Bosley) with his charismatic poise stands-out as always. Patrick as the founder member with Charlie of Townsend Agency, the plush secret agency with a lot of funding for gadgets and gizmos, is shown as retiring with a professional seeing-off ceremony organized by Elizabeth, post which the story picks up. The three angelic women come together from different backgrounds under one roof for Elizabeth, who alongwith the help of Luis Gerardo Mendez (The Saint) establishes a secret base somewhere in UK where the hideout houses their mind boggling fashion wardrobe with eye tingling shoes, designer accessories, vast makeup range, goggles- a collection to die for & secretly packed with the latest shooting-blasting equipment. Damn I simply love each secret agent film, which shows a lot of tempting gizmos, which are so freaky unrealistic for a common man. The story revolves around Elizabeth & Patrick eyeing for acquiring a technological advancement called Calisto, a sustainable energy source, invented by a company owned by the handsome Sam Claflin, after years of research by a team of scientists including our prospective third agent, Naomi Scott (Elena Houghlin), not only Calisto self generates electricity but also can be manhandled to turn into weaponry for which the angels have to work hard to save this masterpiece -Calisto. Our secret angels (Kristen Stewart, Naomi Scott, Ella Balinska) ravishingly burn the screen with their angelic presence and fight till the end to save poor Calisto. The plot of the film is a bit shoddy but the fireworks of talent from all the women on screen is the saving grace for the viewers. All in all captivating film with all the jazz of youth and machinery which holds the attention of the eye of the tiger! Cast & Crew: Director: Elizabeth Banks Actors: Elizabeth Banks, Kristen Stewart, Naomi Scott, Ella Balinska, Patrick Stewart, Sam Claflin, Djimon Hounsou, Jonathan Tucker, Luis Gerardo Mendez Music: Brian Tyler Film Editor: Alan Baumgarten, Marry Jo Markey
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