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Found 4 results

  1. Trisna Films offers production facilities in Jammu and Kashmir. Their site lists: We provide film, video production services in Jammu, Kashmir, Leh, Ladakh, Srinagar in India. Shooting Locations : We provide shooting locations in all over India. Filming permits : We obtain filming permits for your film or video project. Aerial filming permits : We obtain aerial filming permits for your film or video project. Underwater filming permits : We obtain underwater filming permits for your film or video project. Cast & Crew Visa: Provide assistance to you in obtaining Cast & Crew Visa. Journalist Visa: Provide assistance to obtain Journalist Visa for filming documentary in India. Recce / Location scouting : Recce / Location scouting services provide anywhere in India. Also do recce independently for you. Shooting permissions : We arrange shooting permissions in India for your film or video projects from various concern ministry and local authorities. Research : We also do research work for you as per your subject, topics or requirement. Budgeting & Scheduling: budgeting & scheduling is done in the smoothest possible way for your film or video project. Camera rentals :We provide shooting equipments in India for your film and video projects. Film camera on rent super 16, Arri 3, Arri 435, 435 ES, 435 extreme, 535, Arricam LT, Alexa series etc. Video camera rental like SONY DVCAM DSR-PD170, DSR-PD177P, DSR-450WS, SONY HDV HVR-Z1, HVR-Z5, HVR-Z7, HVR-S270, SONY XDCAM EX series PMW-EX1, PMW-EX3, SONY XDCAM PMW-500, Sony HDCAM HDW-F900R, Red one, Red MX series, RED SCARLET-X camera kit, Epic Camera, DSLR camera rental Canon 5d mark 2 kit, Canon 5d mark 3 kit, Canon 6d kit, Canon 7d kit, Blackmagic 4k, Blackmagic 2k with Carl zeiss mark 2 and mark 3 lenses, Go Pro Hero3-Black Edition etc. Lights rentals : Arri par light, Solar, HMI, Multi, Baby light, Softy light, Porta kit etc. Grip rentals : Grip rentals like Track and trolley, Crane, jimmy jibs, Stedy cam, Glide cam etc. Hiring of camera crew & Technicians : We have expert cast and crew team as like as executive producer, line producer, production controller, production manager, production co-ordinator, production designer, production supervisor, production accountant, location manager, associate director, asst. director, cinematographer, Dop, videographer, cameraman, photographer, choreographer, art director etc. Casting : Arrangements of senior and junior artists, models, folk dancers, Indian and western dance groups etc. Studios hiring & Sets construction: Hirring studios, readymade sets for your project or make sets for your special requirement. Catering : Catering services available round o'clock as per your requirement. Logistic support : Provide all kind of logistic support for your film or video project. Hotel & Resort: Arranging budget hotels to star rated hotels, resorts, guest house for cast and crew as required. Transportation : Vanity van, ambulance van with doctor and medicines, shooting vehicles(Ac, Non-ac), Mobile saloon, Conference van, Vintage vehicles etc. Security / Police protection / Insurance : We provide you personal bouncers security, police protection and insurance for your valuable sets, cast and crew members. Setting up production office : Setting up your production office anywhere in India with all kind of assistance. Post production studios : Editing system - Autodesk Smoke, Adobe premiere pro cs 5, Avid, Edius 6, Apple mac pro - FCP Final cut pro 7.2 etc. very good animation and graphics system also avaliable with us. Please write an e-mail for your all production requirements like Accommodation, Camera rental, Cast and crew, Catering, Grips rental, Lights rental, Location scouting, Post production facility, shooting equipments, Shooting permissions, Transportation etc.
  2. Film Goa Goa offers a picture perfect setting with it’s exotic, multi-hued beauty. It is culturally vibrant, and filming is hassle-free, with low production costs and easy modes of communication, and no language barriers. One can choose from a diverse range of locations and seasons, each with their own moods, offering breath-taking natural visual masterpieces. Beaches, rivers, temples, churches, a mix of modern and old European architecture, forts, heritage sites, all add to the splendour of shooting in Goa. Adventure sports, bird and animal habitats and parks are all within easy accessible distances. Goa, due to it’s small geographical area, offers you the flexibility to shoot a variety of location settings within constrained time frames. A choice of starred resorts, hotels and budget homes are also available to suit your preference and your pocket. Fees- Fees charged by the ESG for Film Shooting Permissions/NOCs in Goa: • Rs.10,000/- per day per day for shooting on the selected site: Provided that the local Panchayat within whose jurisdiction the selected site is situated shall be entitled for a revenue share of Rs.3000/- per day from the aforesaid fees. • Rs.10,000/- per half day for Photo/Still Shoots only. • Rs.1000/- for Goan film producers who are registered under the Goa Scheme of Financial Assistance for Films 2006. Rates for film shooting at the old GMC Heritage Precinct: FSP Rate Card Click Here FSP Application form Click Here Declaration form Click Here List of Line Producer in ESG Get a list of qualified Line producers here.
  3. These guys seem to be doing a lot of work in Sri Lanka.
  4. 1) Line Producer 2) Script Writer 3) Director 4) Director of Photography 5) Music Composer 6) Graphic Designer 7) Animator Note - Only Expreinced required freshres please dont send CV .... Director and DOP without work profile link (specialy corporate AV and Ad film ) will not be considered . So Diectors and DOP please mail with your work link only. Interested candidates can share their profile and links of their past work at casting.nimbupani@gmail.com Please mention the position you are applying for in the SUBJECT of the email. Post wil expire on 27 June so after that applications wont be considered .
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