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Found 7 results

  1. Film: Jojo Rabbit Family makes a man and the man makes a country .. a saying used beautifully for weaving the entire story behind the little Rabbit.. If it wasent for the Hail....I would have lost interest in the Rabbit before it started hopping through the vivd frames of the tale of a young lad who brings the glorious past back to the screen in a subtle, comical and yet powerful manner. A film influenced heavily by Adolf Hitler, is not a regular war narrative but an emotionally sweet yet thought provokingly funny story, told through the eyes of Jojo Betzler, a 10 year old English lad born in the German setup! Its that time in German history when the Fuhrer is at the verge of the historic fall-down bringing a fresh light of freedom for the Jews. The film brilliantly revolves around JOJO our man on the mission of attaining superior fan-following for the Fuhrer . Little Jojo (Roman Griffin Davis) steals the show and over-shadows Adolf (Taika Waititi) with the innocence of childhood and the burning desire to prove his love and idolization for Hitler. Jojo is a true Nazi lover and follows the preachings of Hitler till the last word until the beautiful Jew-teen Elsa (Thomasin Mc.Kenzie) crosses Jojo's path causing butterlfies in his stomach, literally (I love this effect being shown on screen in a comic way, sprinkling innocent love on the audience too.) But Jojo is gearing up to go into the battle field at the raw age of 10 years and yet the empathetic emotions for Jews are starting to shape up in his little heart, tearing Jojo between Adolf and Elsa. The battle of raw, innocent emotions for what is right and what is wise from the eyes of Jojo is the gripping factor in this beautifully conceived film by writer & Director (Taika Waititi). The child protagonist has flawlessly given strong competition to the big-wigs of the industry! Screen time of, beautiful mother of Jojo, Rosie Betzler (Scarlett Johansson) is limited yet powerful. She dances through the frames in her typically stylish leather shoes, the two-tone-brown-and-white shoes are at first a symbol of beauty which Jojo sees in his mother as playfulness, but then they telegraph a tragic story which changes Jojo's world and is symbolic to one of the Hitler's gut-wrenching rules followed during his era. Captain Klenzendorf (Sam Rockwell) has given an amusingly emotional performance till the end of the film and yet maintains the limelight on little Jojo. Captain's entire team, comprising of Fraulein Rahm (Rebel Wilson), Finkel (Alfie Allen), has given a laudable performance. Each shift in focus, on Captain and his team, is a riot of laughter. Not to miss... the heart warming performance of best friend of Jojo, Mr. Yorki (Archie Yates). He is truly supportive of Jojo at each step and reminds the audience as little Hugh Grant. All the characters in this film hold significant effect on the audience and brings a strong feeling inside the viewer.The film is worth a watch for the impeccable acting and narrative! Cast & Crew: Director- Taika Waititi Screenplay- Taika Waititi & Christine Leunens (Novel) Actors- Roman Griffin Davis, Archie Yates, Thomasin McKenzie, Scarlett Johansson, Taika Waititi, Sam Rockwell, Rebel Wilson, Alfie Allen, Stephen Merchant, Luke Brandon Field, Sam Haygarth. Editor-Tom Eagles Producer- Carthew Neal, Taika Waititi, Chelsea Winstanley EP- Kevan Van Thompson Music-Michael Giacchino Watch the trailer-
  2. An established banner from Mumbai is providing opportunity for energetic and highly motivated INTERNS to work for a Hindi feature film scheduled to go on floor in the month of November 2016. Criteria: Fluent in English, a flair in writing, should have their own laptop, knowledge of Final Draft is a must. Intern will learn from us the art of filmmaking. It can include the processes of filmmaking from pre-production to post-production and release of the film. This is a great opportunity to get a head start in the film industry. Top Bollywood technicians are associated with this film. A stipend will be paid and if selected, will get the opportunity to work for the feature. Apply only if you are genuinely interested in filmmaking. The joining date is immediate. Please mail short description about yourself along with your facebook profile link and CV to interns4films@gmail.com
  3. Looking for 2 "Interns Assistant Director" for "Hindi feature film" Location:- Mumbai, Shoot will be at Haryana n Rajasthan. Its a Female Oriented Art movie, looking for someone who is Passionate, Positive thinker, willing to take up challenge. Someone from Art n film School Background will be an added advantage.Fresher May also apply No Convience Will Be Provided. You can Mail your Profile :- fx28vfx@gmail.com Contact us: 09768445038 (Romi)
  4. Official Trailer of Omung Kumar's - Mary Kom starring Priyanka Chopra in & as Mary Kom.
  5. Here's an ad for a home movie camera from July 1977 (The National Geographic Magazine). Contrary to popular opinion, personal movie making equipment has be around for a long time.
  6. 1. Use Canon EOS Utility to transfer/backup files. 2. In Sorenson Sequeeze, setup 2 presets - one for Avid DNx36 and another for DNx220. 3. Adjust the Destination folder. Adjust the naming scheme so it will not append the name (thus exact same file name as original). Compress for DNx36. 4. Create my offline files. Since I have a multi core and Sorenson can utilize multi core to compress multiple files, I at least double the speed of the compression. If you have a dual core dual cpu you could quadruple or more your speed since it will compress more files simultaneously. 5. Fast import the low res files. 6. Edit 7. Decompose. Create a file list for 2nd compression but using DNx220 profile. 8. Batch import point at DNx220 version of relevent files only. 9. Conform and grade. 10. Output
  7. EOS Movie Plugin-E1 for Final Cut Pro: Key Features & Sample Workflow Complete article from here on Canon's site. One reason for the video image quality of Canon’s EOS digital SLRs is their use of the sophisticated H.264/MPEG-4 compression method for recording video files to the camera’s memory card. This is an ideal file type for video capture in an SLR camera, delivering relatively compact file sizes with image quality noticeably superior to alternate video compressions (such as Motion JPEG). However, the H.264 compression format requires that files be transcoded into a format better suited to editing, effects, and color grading; this would usually be Apple ProRes. The transcoding to ProRes can be a fairly time- and processor-heavy intermediary step that pays off later with superior speed once the post production process begins. (H.264 is NOT an editing codec. Its processor intensive. Its better to transcode your files to Apple Pro Res for post workflow) That’s where EOS Movie Plugin-E1 comes in: It doesn’t eliminate the need for transcoding, but it includes several improvements in functionality and interface, making the experience of editing EOS HD Video footage with Final Cut Pro as fast and seamless as possible. EOS Movie Plugin-E1 for Final Cut Pro Key Features: In February, 2010, Canon Inc. announced the launch of a new, completely free plug-in to be used with Apple’s Final Cut Pro (FCP) software. Once this plug-in is installed in a Mac computer system, it works in tandem with FCP software and can be called-up directly from the editing program's menu system. Simply stated, this new plug-in turns the editing process with video files from EOS digital SLRs to a much smoother and highly automated process. Among the benefits of the new Canon EOS Movie Plugin-E1: - Smooth, intuitive ingestion of original EOS video files, using FCP’s Log and Transfer function. - Time Code is added to each clip (based on the camera’s date/time stamp), as well as user-given reel names embedded in the ProRes files, which can then be viewed from FCP throughout the editing process. - Transcoding speed 2x - 3x faster than previously possible with EOS movie files using Compressor, or similar (performance tested on a 2.8GHz Quad-Core Mac Pro). - With the Log and Transfer function, users can set in and out points to transcode and import only the portion of the clip needed for the project, greatly improving speed and productivity. - Create a disk image (DMG file) of the memory card that may be mounted and used for Log and Transfer operations in place of the physical card – archiving all your footage, and freeing up your CF cards for immediate re-use. - Automatic transcoding of clips from H.264 to various Apple codecs. For example: ProRes 422, which combines superb imaging with no perceptible degradation from the original H.264 files. Selectable formats include: Final Cut Pro 7: ProRes 4444 ProRes 422 (HQ) ProRes 422 ProRes 422 (LT) ProRes 422 (Proxy) Apple Intermediate Codec Final Cut Pro 6: ProRes 422 (HQ) ProRes 422 New for 2011: Version 1.2 of the EOS Movie Plug-in Beginning in late April, 2011, Canon’s EOS Movie Plug-in E1 gets an important update. With the new version 1.2 of the plug-in software, EOS HD video files can now be imported directly into Final Cut Pro, no matter where they are on your hard drive, and regardless of the folder/file structure where they’re stored. Previously, the plug-in required a folder structure identical to the camera’s memory card. Compatibility When upgraded to version 1.2, Canon’s plug-in software will only work with Final Cut Pro software versions 6.0.6, or versions 7.0.3 and later. It will not function with previous versions of Final Cut Pro with lower version numbers than 6.0.6 (the initial version of EOS Movie Plug-in works with versions of Final Cut Pro as old as 6.0.3). Remember, this software is Macintosh-only, as of 2011; there is no Windows version of Apple’s Final Cut Pro video editing software (Please note: While Canon is aware that many video enthusiasts and professionals may use earlier versions of Final Cut, or other NLE programs entirely, as of August 2010 EOS Movie Plugin-E1 is exclusively compatible with the versions of FCP listed above). Mac OS X 10.6.4 or later is also required. EOS video files from the following cameras will be supported by the initial version of this plug-in software: - EOS-1D Mark IV - EOS 5D Mark II - EOS 7D - EOS 60D Please note: as of April, 2011, Canon’s EOS Movie Plug-in E1 (version 1.2) does not offer support for HD video files from any version of the EOS Rebel cameras. Sample Workflow with the EOS Movie Plugin-E1: Once your CF or SD memory card is placed into a reader connected to your computer, follow the steps below to import footage using EOS Movie Plugin-E1: 1) In FCP, select File > Log and Transfer. The Log and Transfer window should pop up, showing thumbnails of all the media on the CF card in the left-hand column. 2) In the Log and Transfer window, select Preferences from the Action menu (the gear-shaped icon near the top of the window). 3) In the Import Preferences window, select 'Canon DSLR' as your Source, and then select the Transcode to format of your choice (such as ProRes 422). 4) Once your preference is selected, hit OK to go back to the Log and Transfer window. 5) Select the thumbnails to view clip(s) in the right-hand preview window and set in and out points, as needed. 6) Add reel names/numbers, scene data, and other notes in the Logging Area, as needed. 7) Drag-and-drop the clip(s), or press the Add Selection to Queue button or the Add Clip to Queue button (below the preview window) to move your media to the Transfer Queue area at the bottom-left. 8) From the Transfer Queue, all media is automatically imported and transcoded. The transcoded files will appear in the browser area of your project window, ready to go directly into the timeline. Availability: Canon’s plug-in software for Final Cut Pro is available for FREE download on Canon web sites around the world. Please follow this link to go directly to the Drivers and Downloads area for one of our EOS HD-DSLR cameras to download the plug-in. Be sure to select your operating system from the dropdown list (for example, Mac OS X) otherwise you may not see the full list of downloadable drivers, software, and firmware options. Click on the Software link, which will expand the list of available software downloads for that product. Lastly, find the file labeled: EOS MOVIE Plugin-E1 for Final Cut Pro Ver1.2 (File Name: ce1120x.dmg.zip), and click to download. Summary: In a short period of time, Canon’s engineers have shown a remarkable appreciation for the needs of critical video shooters and production people working with files from EOS digital SLRs. With the development (and subsequent upgrade) of EOS Movie Plug-in E1, customers who use Apple’s Final Cut Pro software, one of the world’s most dominant video-editing software applications, will have a streamlined path for selecting and editing files from EOS digital SLRs. The new plug-in will work seamlessly within Final Cut Pro, speeding workflow significantly and encouraging users who are shooting on deadlines to take advantage of the spectacular video quality of their EOS digital SLRs.
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