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Found 2 results

  1. Film Review- Dream House (2011) Category- Thriller, Suspense I am so fond of thrillers.....and DREAM HOUSE, satiates the rush for this thrill ! Everyone loves their house and a house is where the heart is....but hold it till you start getting involved with our man of the house, Mr.Publisher, suave Daniel Craig as Will Atenton. Our hero is a publisher in New York, who quits his steaming job for living with his beautiful wife Libby (Rachel Weisz, such a pretty face she is!) and two beautiful daughters. Libby loves the laid-back life of the quaint town, New England, where she has just moved in and simply adores it. She paints, rears her daughters (Taylor Geare as Trish & Claire Geare as Dee Dee), takes care of her husband and feels safe having hubby darling around her since he's quit his job which would give him more time with his family and his book which needs to go on the shelf soon.. The film moves from the busy New York life of Mr.Publisher toasting to his farewell party and driving down to New England mansion where Libby is shown talking to someone on the phone at the main door, while Will parks the car behind a bush and tries to sneak to a spot unnoticed, to surprise Libby by throwing snowballs on her....she's surely surprised with the act as she wasn't sure if Will would take the final plunge. The family is settling in the idyllic house of their own, where the setting of the house and its beautification is still happening but the family is happily cozying upto each other in a typical family way, such a beautiful picture-book sight. The doting father puts the kids to bed after enjoying a good supper with the entire family and when everything is done with, he sweetly snuggles to his wife for calling the day off. A dreamy, happy and loving family in a beautiful house, surely a Dream House. The sole neighbors of the Atenton family, stays across the road and are shown as a strange lot, with the woman of the house (Naomi Watts as Ann Patterson) living with her teen daughter whose father (Martan Csokas as Jack Patterson) lives separately but visits often to pick up the daughter (Rachel G Fox as Chloe Patterson) for daily chores. The so-called neighbors don't look friendly but Ann is shown a number of times staring at our Man and she does go to the Atenton's place to welcome the family with a sweet gesture of hand cooked delicacy for the entire family which is strangely received by only Will since Libby is shown busy decorating the upper floor of the house. The intrigue of the story begins from that moment on..... One can occasionally feel a strange vibe in the movements of all the characters and by the underlying strangeness, one begins to smell a dead rat around! All of a sudden, our suave, well dressed man of the house is shown wearing a grumpy, saddened and harassed look, as there is someone who's watching over the family late in the night and trying to get into the house. The other night, a bunch of teens are caught by our man of the house in his basement, performing some ritual with burning candles and slogans on the wall saying "killer go away". These strange happenings are disturbing and when Will approaches the local police, cops are reluctant to take up the case and refuse to help out by sharing any information on any history of mishaps related to the house. On the other hand the neighbors are fighting out their own nasty, custody battle over their teen daughter and Mr.Patterson is shown misbehaving with Ann a number of times. All the strange happenings are continuously disturbing and Will decides to find out the truth on his own, when one night the elder daughter, Trish calls out Libby saying, "there's a man outside". Will rushes out to take the intruder down but fails to catch him. Will takes it up on himself, to find out about these mysterious happenings and decides to go to the nearby police-station again where he manages to know that there has been a gruesome murder in the Dream House of his, which was heinously done by some Peter Ward. Will sets out, to unravel the mystery of the brutal crime committed against the former residents of his dream house and tries to speak to Ann, who eventually does help Will. Unravelling the knots towards the climax, Will with the help of Ann manages to detangle the mysteries of his dream house, setting Libby and the kids free though in a different way..... The visual shift, from Libby, the beautiful wife of Will, to the mother of the two daughters in distress is remarkable and the viewers are kept hooked continuously. Adding to a great edgy cinema experience, the acting of Will and Libby is commendable and each supporting character has delivered flawlessly. Dream House though a tad slow in its pace, keeps the intrigue intact giving the viewers a good aftertaste of a thriller!! Cast & Crew: Production Company: Morgan Creek Entertainment Producer: Daniel Bobker, Ehren Kruger, David Robinson, James G. Robinson Director: Jim Sheridan Writer:David Loucka Cinematography: Caleb Deschanel Music: John Debney Editor: Glen Scantlebury, Barbara Tulliver Actors: Rachel Weisz, Naomi Watts, Daniel Craig, Elias Koteas, Marton Csokas, Taylor Geare, Claire Geare, Rachel G. Fox, Jane Alexander, Brian Murray, Mark Wilson, David Huband, Bernadette Quigley, Sarah Gadon, Amrtin Roach, Jean Yoon, Lynne Griffin, Jonathan Potts, Marley Otto, Joe Pingue, David Fox, Karen Glave, Ryan Blakely, Gregory Smith. Watch the trailer on-
  2. Romeo Akbar Walter Official Teaser John Abraham Jackie Shroff Mouni Roy Releasing 12th April.mp4 RAW: Romeo Akbar Waltar Director: Robbie Grewal Actors: John Abraham, Jackie Shroff, Mouni Roy, Sikander Kher, ALka Amin & Suchitra Krishnamurthy Plot: Spy thriller Robby Grewal's film is an interesting human/psychological drama that spins around unsung heroes (spies) of Indian forces.But has a languid pace and so struggles to keep the audience engaged, especially in the first half. The second half of the movie compensates for the first half and proves John Abraham as the suave, rock solid, never-say-die performer backed by Jackie Shroff's well-balanced, stylish & boisterous role as the Chief of RAW, building intrigue which leads to a satisfying end where Walter comes to the forefront revealing a lot about what was going on until the end in subtle ways! Set on the espionage happenings of 1971 Indo-Bangladesh war, the movie revolves around the protagonist Rehmat Ali aka Romeo (John)a bank teller, who is handpicked by the RAW chief Shrikant Rai (Jackie) to serve the nation on foreign soil because of his two significant capabilities - his admirable ability in the art of defense & his skill of mingling in the crowd without a trace. The drama unfolds with a gut wrenching scene where a prisoner is being tortured by the Pakistani counterpart special officer (Khudabaksh Khan), pulling the nail off the nail-bed. There are high and low moments in this film from the performers point of view but storytelling lacks the lusture, leaving the audience wanting for more, especially to cater to the present world audience with extended conscious sensibilities. Lead actors - John and Jackie have justified their roles but the ladies don't impress much with their limited screen presence and short pop up roles weaved around the protagonists. All in all the movie does give a heartfelt tribute to the uncelebrated spies of the nation and manages to connect towards the patriotic feeling, though faintly. Unfortunately the screenplay doesn't strike a chord with the audience inspite of the personal connections of the director with war veterans! Medhavini
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