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Found 2 results

  1. I am trying to put together as many free keynote templates as I can find. Softly. A beautiful template for beauty films treatment notes. Download here.
  2. "Where the mind is without fear & the head is full of ideas, pen-down to create a new world!" IMPRESSIVE TREATMENT NOTES: Treatment notes are the little windows for commercial advertisement's clients to know how creatively their promotional ideas will be put forth to the prospective targets.i.e. the audiences.Commercial Advertisements are the connecting dots of every brand between the sales value and the supply-demand chain, bridging the buyer and the seller. The craft of skillfully thought ideas for showcasing the brand in all its totality is called as the Treatment Note from the Director of a Film (TV Commercial). These days absurd advertisements with over the mill concepts flood the tv sets & other video outputs, making a buyer hit the skip button on every singe advertisement that comes across. In such an aggressive environment to be able to connect the film creator-aka, director with the audiences via the most difficult conduit, the client of the Brand, the wholesale onus lies on the Director & his treatment note ! So the beginning is initiated by hours of contemplation over how to go about framing the exact words and images to meaningfully incorporate all the ideas, weaved together to make sense to the client so that the client is successfully able to visualize the entire film right on paper itself ! A Director who is passionate about his craft puts in long hours of sweat and brain to make the notes come alive with verbal and visual beauty. Treatment notes therefore are highly dependent on aesthet´╗┐ics and technical know-how of the writer. The words have to be clearly framed and the vision of the Director has to be clearly connected to the words & images chosen for the purpose of showcasing the entire idea of highlighting the Brand to the Client. Every advertisement need not be weaved through an emotional story or burst of crazy pop up color palettes. A well written treatment note has clarity of thoughts reflecting passion of the director and above all focus on brand as per the clients requirements (undercurrents or full throttle). Each aspect of treatment notes - from lighting, to moods, to clothing, to cast and location should be chosen as per the need of the hour and not as per comparisons or copy-paste ideas. The treatment notes standout to a client only when skillfully the creative ideas are penned down with clarity of story telling and fine balance of imagery, revolving around the main actor being the brand. So to begin with putting in realism, day-to-day connectivity with characters (real life anecdotes add value to the character), formulating the story as a narrative, fragile balance of human emotions, lay the foundation of the film highlighting the brand. The writer needs to use the emotional quotient and realism as the backbone of the story. Good reference images reflecting moods of the film add value to the notes. The proper lighting (with proper references), choice of clothing (right color coding which enhances the lighting and the actor), balanced decor, and appropriate location set-up, a well thought of cast (performance based), which realistically reflects the essence of the story are the key essentials of the treatment notes. Another very important player of treatment note is the background score.i.e.,its music. Music should be chosen after a lot of thinking and appropriately picked music accentuates the importance of the brand in the audience's life and explains why the main hero, the brand, is such an important addition to audience's life. A good background score heightens the essence of the story and backs-up the ideas of the Director, setting the platform for story-telling which is going to lure the buyer of the product showcased as the actor of the story. All the key points of treatment writing are well connected and it is a task which, not everybody is able to get a hang of, resulting into lopsided outcomes.i.e., loss at the pitching turf due to unimpressed buyer-that is the client! A lot of rigorous creative writing can help a prospective treatment note writer to get a hang of the best and creative way of carving the best notes for their directors and producers, making an impactful entry at the client's film pitching stage. Sample writing from the internet can add to creative ideas for incorporating in the style of writing. Sift through established treatment notes floating all over the internet for examples writing, read alot to enhance word structuring and keep looking at creative images under all the sub-categories of the treatment note making resulting into good, better, best notes and as the saying goes- practice makes a writer perfect! Some creative Treatment note's examples from the internet- https://issuu.com/hugojenkins/docs/m___s_-_the_great_british_hotel_101 2.https://in.pinterest.com/pin/40462096627904664/?nic=1
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