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Found 7 results

  1. Team

    Sound Post on Linux

    Ardour is a heavyweight audio tool that lets you record, edit and mix audio. Great for sound designers, mixing engineers, composers.... Musicians: Being the best tool to record talented performers on actual instruments has always been a top priority for Ardour. Rather than being focused on electronic and pop music idioms, Ardour steps out of the way to encourage the creative process to remain where it always has been: a musician playing a carefully designed and well built instrument. Soundtrack Editors: Sample accurate sync and shared transport control with video playback tools allows Ardour to provide a fast and natural environment for creating and editing soundtracks for film and video projects. Composers: Arrange audio and MIDI using the same tools and same workflow. Use external hardware synthesizers or software instruments as sound sources. From sound design to electro-acoustic composition to dense multitrack MIDI editing, Ardour can help. Audio and MIDI Multi-Track Recording and Editing Any number of tracks and busses. Non-linear editing. Non-destructive (and destructive!) recording. Any bit depth, any sample rate. Dozens of file formats. Plugins with Full Sample Accurate Automation AudioUnit, LV2, LinuxVST and LADSPA formats. FX plugins. Software instruments. MIDI processors. Automate any parameters. Physically manipulate them via control surfaces. Distribute processing across as many (or as few) cores as you want. Transport Sync and External Control Surfaces Best-in-industry sync to MIDI timecode and LTC. Send and receive MIDI Machine Control. Sync with JACK transport and MIDI clock. Dedicated Mackie Control protocol support, pre-defined mappings for many MIDI controllers plus dynamic MIDI learn. Use OSC to drive almost any operation in Ardour. Powerful Anywhere-to-Anywhere Signal Routing Complex signal flows are simple and elegant. Inputs and outputs connect to your hardware and/or other applications. Use sends, inserts and returns freely. Connections can be one-to-many, many-to-one or many-to-many. Tap signal flows at any point. If you can't connect in the way you want with Ardour, it probably can't be done. Video Timeline Import a single video and optionally extract the soundtrack from it. Display a frame-by-frame (thumbnail) timeline of the video. Use a Video-monitor window, or full-screen display, of the imported video in sync with any of the available ardour timecode sources. Lock audio-regions to the video: Move audio-regions with the video at video-frame granularity. Export the video, cut start/end, add blank frames and/or mux it with the soundtrack of the current-session. Ardour Is Open Ardour is an open source, collaborative effort of a worldwide team including musicians, programmers, and professional recording engineers. Development is transparent — anyone can watch our work as it happens. Like a good piece of vintage hardware, you can open the box and look inside. Of course, you don't have to … but one day the fact that anybody can will be useful. This openness forces a kind of integrity on the project that is hard to find in proprietary software, and helps us to focus on issues and features that matter to our users rather than stuff that just looks good in advertisements.
  2. On some low budget interviews. you may have some muffled voice, room noise reflections and AC or some other machine noise. Here are some ways to correct these. Removing Continuous background noise with Audacity, a free Open Source software. Saving dull dialogue. Sometimes the mic will be too far away from the speaker and the resulting audio can be dull, full of room boominess. This is a nice tutorial to fix it.
  3. Mike Paul, Location Sound's Technical Director presents an in-depth look at the new Cantar X3 portable recorder from Aaton Digital. The Cantar X3 24-Track recorder features a wide array of input and output options, with support for Analog, AES3, AES42 and Dante I/O and can record multiple streams to up to four on-board media choices. An embedded 10-channel mix surface, full timecode capabilities, WiFi, Bluetooth, Ethernet and HD-SDI are just some of the remarkable features of this powerful new deviceAn in-depth look at the new Cantar X3 portable recorder from Aaton Digital. The Cantar X3 24-Track recorder features a wide array of input and output options, with support for Analog, AES3, AES42 and Dante I/O and can record multiple streams to up to four on-board media choices. An embedded 10-channel mix surface, full timecode capabilities, WiFi, Bluetooth, Ethernet and HD-SDI are just some of the remarkable features of this powerful new device.
  4. To promote simplicity, quickness and sanity, these are forum rules that must be adhered to while posting, else the posts may be deleted. 1. Rules will keep evolving. And no one can object. 2. Film related items only : Do try to buy and sell, meet buyers and sellers, of only film related equipment, like cameras, sound recorders, lenses, microphones, computers etc. Do not try to buy/sell anything outside this domain, like maybe a bike or sofa. Such posts will be promptly deleted and there is a possibility of the member being banned. 3. Indicate Intent and Products in Title: The title of a thread in the Buy and Sell Forum shall indicate the poster's intent to buy, sell, trade, or reference a link to an external auction. For example, WTB: (want to buy), WTS: (want to sell), WTT: (want to trade), OA: (outside of forum auction like eBay), HELP: (asking a general question), or TIP: or FYI: (sharing a useful tip or info), along with the product the person wants to sell. For example : "WTS : Arriflex 435 Camera in good condition" 4. Photographs of the product must be included. When posting, for the benefit of all, post real photos of the very product you are selling. Do not try to find photos off the internet. Users need to see the product they are buying. 5. Suggested Opening for your post: Tem for sale:Asking price:Item Location:Item description:Item condition:Are you the original owner?:DO you have the original invoice?:Items included in the sale (Example : lens cap, carry bag, box etc):Preferred shipment method (courier, personal etc):Preferred method of payment?:Return policy:Special Note: 6. No inclusion of other items in replies to a post to buy and sell. 7. Please be careful. We are only providing a platform for buyers and sellers to discover each other. We are not in any way responsible for the process or the items bought/sold. So exercise all due caution. 8. More rules will follow as we evolve.
  5. Dear AudioGraphers: Greetings from Khona Talkies! We are looking for an experienced Location Sound Mixer for a 55-day schedule (7 days technical rehearsal; 45 days shooting, 3 days wrap) in a low-budget independent Bangla-language feature film titled "Under Construction" directed by Bangladeshi young filmmaker Rubaiyat Hossain. We are planning to shoot in Arri Alexa and sync sound, mostly in real location (partly on set) in Dhaka city between 1 August to 30 September 2013. Martina Radwan, New York based German cinematographer, will be our Director of Photography. Please read the attached info pack containing synopsis and director's note FYI. Would be great if you kindly let us know your remuneration and equipment list by 25 June 2013. Also feel free for further inquiry in this regard. Best regards Saikat Mallick Production Coordinator "Under Construction" Film Project Khona Talkies +880 11 93 23 97 97 Dhaka, Bangladesh
  6. parambyte


    Audiography ("writing sound") in the context of filmmaking is a term commonly used in India to mean the audio engineering performed by the sound department of a film or TV production; this includes sound recording, editing, mixing and sound design but excludes musical composition, songwriting and choreography. An audiographer is responsible for more aspects of sound in film production than their more specialised Western world counterpart. The responsibilities include production sound recording, dialogue editing, sound design, sound effects editing, ADR editing, Foley editing and sound mixing (dubbing). A degree or diploma in audiography or electronics are the usual qualifications for the job. Audiography is also an alternate name for audiometry, the measurement of hearing ability. An audiogram is the graphed result of such a test. Source: Wikipedia