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Found 2 results

  1. Love #Aaj ~Kal 2020: Film Review- "Haan mei Galat......Galat hoga tu bhi......." This line of the famous song from Love Aaj Kal, says it all...Love is the most confusing word in the world, so what's right for you might be different for me & might be totally different for someone else!! And definition of love has changed over decades like changes due to global warming! Imtiaz Ali (the Director) has to be understood in the right direction! To feel the depth of this love, you gotta be in love or be torn apart by its madness to feel what Imtiaz Ali's trying to radiate. The film merges in the present scenario of love happening in 2020 with the split screen running parallel onto love of 1990. Two different tales set against different and tangential eras. Two groups of lovers facing different complications of the heart in two different cultural set-ups yet bound by the same deep rooted mixed emotions of the game of luck, called love. The performances of Zoe Chauhan (Sara Ali Khan), Leena (Arushi Sharma), Veer & Raghu (Kartik Aryan) and older Raghu (Randeep Hooda) , are all distinct but the couple of 2020 is a stellar! The couple set in 2020 battles issues of options in love, options in profession and above all shortage of the pill of patience (lot of youngsters will be able to relate to this feeling of "too many options...I shouldn't care and move on feeling...") while the lovers of 1990 struggle to keep up with the changing demands of the society, their own soaring ambitions and cultural reservations. The film beautifully weaves in the stark differences of love BACK-THEN and love NOW. It takes two to tango and the same way it takes a heart filled with love or loss to connect to this movie.....A lot has been written off, about this film but I still stand by the beauty of feelings beautifully mixed in to paint the screen with vibrant colors of LOVE in Aaj yet shadowed by Kal. The vivacious, young Zoe Chauhan (Sara Ali Khan) symbolizes modern girl of 2020 with utmost sincerity and elan. She lives life on her own terms and conditions and cares a damn about who-says-what!! Cut to the modern male protagonist, Veer (Kartik Aryan) who's restrained acting has not only got himself a strong hold on audience but has also got himself labelled as versatile at a very young age. Audience at first glance, might feel, Veer's just a lovelorn following Zoe at every critical turning point but dig deep and the eyes find the confusing heart of the present youth backed by male chivalry guarding the moral roots. Young Raghu (Kartik Aryan) on the other side of the coin of love is shy yet street smart and ends up taking the ladder of professional success to a different level, bordering around shallowness. Raghu transforms into sexy grey-haired, matured, robust man of today (Randeep Hooda), who convincingly tries to save Zoe from treading the same path of regret once taken by himself, leading to an unfulfilled life. Music of Pritam is an icing to the cake of Imtiaz Ali, making this love tale, so much more mushy. Kartik and Sara have wonderfully breathed fresh air into their on-screen characters. And Randeep reminds us of the old world charm. All in all, the film is worth watching and not just being scrutinized and judged on others reviews. So go fall in love aaj and get a dose of kal with musical mush and fresh faces for some refreshing moments with loved ones..go do it with a twist ! Cast & Crew: Director & Writer- Imtiaz Ali Producer - Imtiaz Ali & Dinesh Vijan Actors- Sara Ali Khan, Arushi Sharma, Kartik Aaryan, Randeep Hooda Cinematographer- Amit Roy, Donald McAlpine Editor- Aarti Bajaj Music-Pritam Watch the preview-
  2. Bala: If we had it all...life would have been a bed of roses! That's something which hits everyone once in awhile but in this particular tale, it hits our man of the mane, more than once. From one of my personal favorite director's Amar Kaushik, comes yet another matter-of-fact film which will bring one closer to realization of facts of one's life and what is there with you needs to be cherished, a message everyone should remind oneself again and again! Bala, aka, Bal Mukund Shukla (I love this guy- Ayushmann Khurrana), our typical 25 years old, Kanpuria boy-next-door unveils the curtains by taking us through his childhood, showing how childhood remains everyone's favorite phase of life. He spreads naughtiness wrapped in happy times tickling the hearts of the audience by sheer innocent monkey business. Then the switch from childhood to present Bala is flawless showing the emotionally bruised grown-up man with a pertinent issue of hair loss to tackle. And from that moment on, the journey of the distraught man starts, every incident making our protagonist, a stronger and braver man! Ayushmann Khurrana rules the roost and after watching him portray the character Bala, one would know why media is craving for more from this young man with the aura of a thousand watts bulb in the middle of an ocean. His energy flowing through the character is worth a hundred applause and the ladies (Yami Gautam, Bhumi Penderkar) he charms in his quest to get his wavy, thick locks back, alongwith the supporting cast, over-powers everybody's presence on screen by simplistic yet delightful performance. This super-cute actor with his bald-man-next-door portrayal wins few crores in the first week itself (of course age and figures are just numbers for our Charmer) !! The director gives due weightage to the women and other characters in our man's life by giving each one enough space to showcase individualistic talent sparks and boy, oh boy, sparks fly all over the screen at perfect timing. Latika (Bhumi Pednekar) the sweet but dark complexioned classmate of Bala symbolizes the hurt of a girl who is blessed with a skin color which is not accepted by the society still! Amar Kaushik stings the orthodox mindset of our society flawlessly and tries to get the message straight on the face, justice done to the writer's (Niren Bhatt) blue-print. Latika grows up to be a ravishing, bold, courageous, dark-skinned yet self loving, confident lawyer of the city, who ends up helping her friend Bala inspite of an incident which caused a lot of heart burn to the little girl, way back during school days. Bhumi has acted very well and will surely emerge as the next Shabana Azmi, grace meets art. The second lady in our hero's life is the love interest of our man, the man with the mission of growing hair to please his lady love, Pari (beautiful Yami Gautam), is shown as tik-tok (yet another insensitive but hyped-app of this generation) queen and budding model from Kanpur who lives only to look good and get appreciation from the world in terms of rising numbers of likes. This tik-tok character is a whack on the wasted minds, showing interest only in getting public attention and acquiring self-worth stamped by the world in terms of thumb's up (likes) on social media. Every character around Bala is striking. Saurabh Shukla as father of Bala is supportively detached and lets our man decide his course of action for tackling his never ending problems. Seema Bhargava as aunt of Latika adds zing and fun to the screen giving small doses of laughter at the right time when the story lets you drift with a purpose. Sunita Rajwar as the mother of the bald 25 years old is convincingly empathetic. Brother of Bala (Dheerendra Kumar Gautam) has given added spice to the family drama, fussing and yet helping the elder brother, in a typical 2-tier city's middle class family, to get over the grave problem of baldness. He goes around from helping the elder brother put onion juice to grow his hair to wickedly escaping the application of foul smelling mixture of cow dung & bull semen, a 'nuskha' told by the quintessential Mr.Know-all, Bacchan Dubey (Javed Jaffery). Bala's childhood friend cum-hair stylist (played by Abhishek Banerjee) is comical and realistic, we all have one such friend who backs every action of ours! Child artist, Sachin Chaudhary as young Bala has been very versatile for his age. Some young people are surely running towards a shallow life where only public displays and public recognition is the key to happiness than gaining any educational or moral values or social values. Life for the present generation is more about appreciation from the outer world than the growth of the inner world! Such a disappointing matter of fact but the message is given out loud to the audience in superb undercurrents with a lot of grace. Every film of Ayushmann touches my head and heart, bringing me closer to the fan moment for this magical actor. He aims at breaking the stereotypes without hurting anybody's line of thought and yet conveys the message to the society impeccably. Great music by the duo, Sachin-Jigar, which helps the plot progress beautifully giving out heightened moments. The one piece that catches my attention is "Pyaar toh tha", sung by Jubin Nautiyal, this song is romantically soothing to the ears. All in all, Bala says it to all- Life is not just about color, looks, make-up or the brands that one has to acquire to get recognized but its the skin deep understanding of living like a Queen or a King, with individuals God-gifted natural attributes, that takes one to the pinnacle of happiness. Wonderful movie for sensible viewers! Cheers to the bald spark of this Kissa Bal (Hair) Ka...Ayushmann Khuarrana, damn I am baowld:) Cast & Crew: Director: Amar Kaushik Actors: Ayushmann Khurrana, Bhumi Pednekar, Yami Gautam, Saurabh Shukla, Sunita Rajwar, Seema Bhargava, Javed Jaffery, Dheerendra Kumar Gautam, Abhishek Banerjee, Sachin Chaudhary, Mushtaq Khan Producers: Dinesh Vijan, Jaspreet Kaur, Vivek Rangachari Music Directors: Sachin-Jigar Writer: Niren Bhatt
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