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Found 5 results

  1. Songdew is starting with its campus ambassador program again. Songdew is India's fastest growing platform for Indian musicians. Music in the India is generally associated with just Bollywood. This is an attempt to give those unheard voices a platform to shine. If you are interested in music, like listening to new artists, want to explore new talent, if marketing is your forte, or you just want to have some fun meet a lot of people and do some sort of crazy things this winters, join us with the free the music campaign. The Campus Ambasssador program is a 3 month long internship with a lot of more fun-less work activities. Interested? You can SongDew me for more details or just fill in the form below Want to check us out? Visit www.songdew.com
  2. required delhi based dilouge writer , editor and music director for a hindi feature film . mail ur profile at zeeshanscript@gmail.com call - 09990452646.
  3. 1) Line Producer 2) Script Writer 3) Director 4) Director of Photography 5) Music Composer 6) Graphic Designer 7) Animator Note - Only Expreinced required freshres please dont send CV .... Director and DOP without work profile link (specialy corporate AV and Ad film ) will not be considered . So Diectors and DOP please mail with your work link only. Interested candidates can share their profile and links of their past work at casting.nimbupani@gmail.com Please mention the position you are applying for in the SUBJECT of the email. Post wil expire on 27 June so after that applications wont be considered .
  4. The Arshinagar Project, in association with Bauria People's Repertory Theatre, presents a residential workshop on Capoeira and Indigenous Brazilian music and dance, with Rafael Ceccon. The workshop will be held in Bauria, a historical site of labour struggle, situated across the river from Kolkata. Capoeira is an afro-brazilian dancing fight, that mixes music, rhythm, dance, martial art and spiritual elements. It is known for its acrobatic grace. Through Capoeira and Brazilian traditional dances we will aim to explore different possibilities of self expression and interaction, with oneself, with others and with the environment. Using physical movements, rhythm and Afro-Brazilian dances we will experience the Brazilian way of play and dance. The workshop is aimed at theatre activists, dancers, physical practitioners and anyone interested in exploring their relationship with their own bodies. About the Facilitator: Rafael Ceccon (Brazil) is a Physical Education professor, and has played capoeira since he was a kid, and practiced with diferent masters. He is a lover of Brazilian traditional music and dance. He has also worked with community development in slums and villages around Brazil, applying a methodology called Oasis, which promotes design and implementation of a community' s dreams by themselves. Date: January 21-25 For details, e-mail thearshinagarproject@gmail.com, or call 09831731422. facebook.com/thearshinagarproject The Arshinagar Project is envisioned as a collective of artists and cultural practitioners from different traditional and contemporary disciplines, as well as practitioners from other disciplines such as anthropology, education and ecology, for research into performance as transformational action. 'Arshinagar&# 39; means 'the city of mirrors' , and the name is derived from a song by Lalon Phokir, one of the greatest masters among the Bauls of Bengal - wandering mystical musician-performers who through embodied practice attempt to touch the unbodied.The logo represents the 'ektara&# 39; (literally 'one-stringed&# 39;) - a drone-like instrument used in different forms and names in different Asian cultures, which has come to symbolize the Bauls. The Arshinagar Project aims to foster a spirit of freedom, respect for human diversity, ecological harmony and love, among young adults, youth in colleges and universities, educators and others, through performances, immersive workshops in urban and natural settings based on traditions of mystical performance and practice as well as contemporary performance- craft, through lecture-demonstrati ons, seminars, and journeys through inner and outer spaces.
  5. Note this is only a sample contract and should be treated as such. Most of us dont work with contracts, but if we did, this is how it would look like. Commercial Music Contract Sample.pdf
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