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Shooting In Goa

Rosario D'mello

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Film Goa

Goa offers a picture perfect setting with it’s exotic, multi-hued beauty. It is culturally vibrant, and filming is hassle-free, with low production costs and easy modes of communication, and no language barriers. One can choose from a diverse range of locations and seasons, each with their own moods, offering breath-taking natural visual masterpieces. Beaches, rivers, temples, churches, a mix of modern and old European architecture, forts, heritage sites, all add to the splendour of shooting in Goa. Adventure sports, bird and animal habitats and parks are all within easy accessible distances. Goa, due to it’s small geographical area, offers you the flexibility to shoot a variety of location settings within constrained time frames. A choice of starred resorts, hotels and budget homes are also available to suit your preference and your pocket.

        Fees- Fees charged by the ESG for Film Shooting Permissions/NOCs in Goa:
        • Rs.10,000/- per day per day for shooting on the selected site: Provided that the local Panchayat within whose jurisdiction the selected site is situated shall be entitled for a revenue share of Rs.3000/- per day from the aforesaid fees.
        • Rs.10,000/- per half day for Photo/Still Shoots only.
        • Rs.1000/- for Goan film producers who are registered under the Goa Scheme of Financial Assistance for Films 2006.
        Rates for film shooting at the old GMC Heritage Precinct: FSP Rate Card Click Here
        FSP Application form Click Here Declaration form Click Here
        List of Line Producer in ESG


Get a list of qualified Line producers here.

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