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3d Steresopy Offline Editing

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There are many ways of editing stereoscopic material in an offline suite.


CineForm’s stereo (3D) technology is designed for 3D editorial and presentation workflows supporting feature film, television, optical, or Internet distribution.  The heart of CineForm’s stereo technology is the creation of a stereo CineForm AVI or QuickTime file from Left and Right eye sources that also contain some unique characteristics as discussed below. Stereo CineForm files may be used throughout 3D editorial using standard 2D tools (such as Final Cut Pro or Premiere Pro) in combination with CineForm’s 3D editorial software called GoPro CineForm Studio.


Download Avid's document on stereoscopic editing here.

"Initially introducing stereo 3D editing with Media Composer 3.5, Avid continues to lead the industry by enhancing film, video and television workflows with even greater 3D functionality.

The release of Media Composer 4 offers customers a hybrid environment that brings together the existing 2D editing world with 3D viewing.
Superior to editing exclusively in 3D, editing work can now be done in 2D within the main editing interface, while the client monitor plays back in stereo 3D when viewed with either passive or active glasses. Obviously, it would be very tiring for an editor wearing glasses to sit in front of a system for 8-10 hours a day editing; the eyes would be constantly struggling to focus on stereo 3D content inside a 2D graphical user interface.
Ergonomics aside, Avid‟s editor cuts costs by eliminating the time required for left and right eyes to conform for screening. All that‟s really required is the ability to check a sequence for pace and rhythm. By creating a hybrid workflow within the editor, Avid editing systems solve both issues.
This Stereoscopic 3D workflow guide explains the editorial process for not only using Media Composer 4 for offline editing, but preparing the project for finishing on another system."




A handy guide to editing 3D Stereoscopy from the guys at VideoMaker.


Using FCPx and Resolve to edit 3D Stereoscopy.


Silicon Imaging Cineform Neo3D Plugin for FCP

The underpinning of Neo3D is the creation and use of a CineForm 3D QuickTime file that contains temporally-aligned Left and Right eyes. CineForm 3D files are created such that they are interpreted by all QuickTime applications, including Final Cut Pro, as if they were traditional 2D files. This "trickery" of the calling application happens beneath the QuickTime layer where CineForm’s Neo3D blends Left and Right eye information in various ways into 3D frames.




GrassValley's EDIUS is another system that enables easyt 3D Stereoscopy footage to be edited.


Sony Vegas has tools for offline 3D Stereoscopy editing as well.




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