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Call for Proposals : Mobile Video


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infoDev is seeking a firm to produce a video that represents infoDev' s Mobile Innovation program in a striking, accessible, self-contained, professional manner appropriate for a major development organization. It should convey a sense of tech-savvy and funkiness that will further motivate viral social media sharing.

Please respond to this tender via the World Bank’s eConsult system, at:https://wbgeconsult 2.worldbank. org, selection #1098427, no later than March 13, 2013.
Terms of Reference

Project Title: Mobile Innovation Program Video (Animation)
Group: infoDev
VPU: Financial and Private Sector Development
Background Information
Financial and Private Sector Development
The Financial and Private Sector Development (FPD) Vice Presidency operates jointly with both the World Bank (WB) and the International Finance Corporation (IFC) and creates opportunities for jobs, provides pathways for economic growth and designs strategies for poverty reduction.

infoDev is a Global Partnership Program, housed in the Finance and Private Sector Vice Presidency of the World Bank Group. Its strategic goal is to promote the growth of technology enterprises to enhance sustainable inclusive growth, competiveness, and jobs. infoDev focuses on the following key areas to achieve its goal: (i) assisting in taking technologies to market; (ii) assisting in creating and growing sustainable enterprises that are technology-enabled; (iii) promoting an enabling environment for innovation and adoption of appropriate technologies to support enterprise growth as well as ensure effective competition so that the market functions to widen access to technology at affordable prices; (iv) disseminating research and best practices to enhance growth and sustainability of enterprises in the technology and technology-enabled space; (v) building capacity to enhance the sustainability of enterprises; and (vi) providing technical assistance to incubators to ensure Access to Finance (A2F) and Access to Markets (A2M).

infoDev' s Mobile Innovation Program
infoDevs Mobile Innovation Program enables the growth of innovative, sustainable mobile application enterprises. We do so by (i) enabling mobile entrepreneurship on the ground, (ii) building innovation networks of mobile developers and entrepreneurs, as well as (iii) creating and sharing cutting-edge knowledge on mobile innovation for developing nations. Our work with key stakeholders of mobile ecosystems forges environments in which entrepreneurs can thrive.
infoDev is a leader in mobile innovation and entrepreneurship. It was described in a recent Pyramid Research publication as "at the forefront of providing the tools that help inspire and advance the field of mobile innovation."
The Creating Sustainable Businesses in the Knowledge Economy (CSBKE) program, a public-private partnership with the Government of Finland and Nokia, pioneered the development of infoDevs mobile innovation activities. Launched in 2010, it piloted a network of four mobile innovation labs (mLabs) and eight mobile innovation hubs (mHubs) across three continents with full local stakeholder engagement. That network will now be extended with support from the governments of Canada (via the Canadian International Development Agency, CIDA) and Sweden (via the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency, Sida). In addition to more mLabs and mHubs, infoDev will now also explore how mobile innovation facilitates inclusion, serves the poor, and enhances the participation of women in this exciting key sector.
Program Components
infoDev' s overall Mobile Innovation program consists of three main components that complement and mutually reinforce each other. This Mobile Innovation program forms an integral part of the overarchinginfoDev Work Program for 2013-15:

Enabling mobile entrepreneurship on the ground
Building mobile innovation networks
Researching the app economy of developing countries

To get a better grasp of the Mobile Innovation Program please refer to these resources:
1. infoDev Work Program 2013-2015, pages 17-26
www.infodev. org/en/Publicati on.aspx?id= 1200& draft=true

2. Mobile Innovation Program Page
www.infodev. org/mobile

3. Mobile Innovation under EPIC program
www.infodev. org/EPICmInno

4. Maximizing Mobile
www.infodev. org/en/Publicati on.1179.html

5. mLab Business Model Workbook
www.infodev. org/en/Publicati on.1088.html
The selected firm is expected to produce a video that conveys infoDev' s Mobile Innovation program in a striking, accessible, self-contained, professional manner appropriate for a major development organization. It should have a flavor of tech and funkiness that will further motivate viral social media sharing.
The expected animation treatment for the video is illustrated in the following links (please note that concepts and creative treatments are not limited to these):

Media Mind
http://www.youtube. com/watch? v=RQnxuR9Svvw

http://vimeo. com/38572025#
http://vimeo. com/60009608
http://vimeo. com/44126889

http://www.youtube. com/watch? v=NugRZGDbPFU

http://wayra. org/en/what- do-we-offer

Key deliverables include (but are not limited to):
1. Script (drafts to final)
2. Storyboard
3. Work plan / calendar
4. Sneak peek drafts
5. Final and approved video

Prior to producing the animated video, infoDev will constantly coordinate virtual meetings and phone calls with the
firm to discuss and approve production elements (storyboard, script, design, audio, etc.). It is expected that this process will require 2-3 weeks of work and will include consultation with key stakeholders, including the Communications and Mobile Innovation teams.

Elements for a Bid
Firms interested in submitting an offer should submit a proposal with the following:
1. Overview of the firm, including profiles of team members and list of clients.
2. Portfolio or video reel of past projects (to be sent as links)
3. Plan of approach for consulting with the infoDev team.
4. A concept page that will describe the storyline of the video (1 page).
5. A 9-12 frames storyboard of the proposed concept.
6. A detailed financial proposal (max. 2 pages) corresponding to the timeline and deadlines.

Period of Performance
April-May 2013. The selected firm will work on a continuous basis for several weeks from date of award of the contract. infoDev will ensure adherence to the contract rules of the World Bank Group.
The firm is expected to have timely updates on the progress of the video. A preview of the final draft should be ready by the first week of May for further direction or edits. The final video will be submitted by May 15, 2013.

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