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Sample Directors Treatment Notes

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I am staring a collection of sample directors' treatment note for TTV commercials (advertising).

You can make a lot of money as a fresh direction assistant or just out of film school writing treatment notes for directors. Just imagine how much is the work out there. For every TV Commercial that is made, a treatment note has to be submitted., There are tens of thousands of TV commercials being made all the time. So many times the director is just too bust to write it himself so it is outsourced. 



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Hi. I'm Jason Pedley - treatment writer. This seems to be a pretty popular little page for those in your region seeking to learn more about writing TVC treatments. I get a lot of traffic to my site from this thread. First of all, no worries about sharing my work (Other treatment writers might feel otherwise about their work being shared here. Just an FYI. Not me.)

If you didn't already know, treatment writing is competitive. You have to be good at it.

Sure - tens of thousands of treatments are written every year for commercials. And yes, there are some directors who are bent on writing their own TVC treatments, no matter what. So that still leaves a decent number for the rest of us to write, right?


But, just because there's a lot of work in the industry, doesn't mean you can just walk in and start writing treatments. Also, reviewing a few example treatments won't make you a better treatment writer. You have to work really hard at it. It's a craft - not something you learn overnight.

Take a moment right now and ask yourself:

  • Can I really (REALLY) describe characters in a way that will draw in the agency and stay true to the director's vision?
  • Do I understand the reasoning behind the director's decision to use street-casting for this particular brand?
  • Is there anything I shouldn't say in the treatment - things that may offend the brand, for example?
  • What is the brand's voice? How can I work that into the treatment without it coming off as awkward?
  • Can I describe the director's preferred location in a way that sells it to the client and agency?
  • Can I handle the intricacies that come with special types of commercials? (A car commercial is a great example of this.)

These are just a sample of questions that treatment samples won’t answer for you. Not at all. Not even close. Having samples means you've barely scratched the surface.

Look, I want every treatment writer (including you) to be a great treatment writer. It elevates the entire industry when we all become better. But if you think that, just because there's work, you should go after it...you may be sorely disappointed. If a director or a production house hires you for a treatment and you don't pull it off 100%, I can promise you that A) You will likely never be told what you did wrong, and B) You will never hear from them, or any of their directors, again.

So, while it's true that there are plenty of TVCs being produced and treatments written for them, each production house has a number of directors on roster. If you annoy the production house with sub-par treatment work, you'll have likely cut yourself off from working with them as well as ANY of their directors in the future. See how that works? You don't want that, and I don't want that for you.

What I DO want for you is SUCCESS.

I'm here too offer you a solution. Let's find a way to collaborate in some way to make ALL of us better at writing TVC treatments.

How do we do that?

Well, you tell me. First of all, I don't work for free, (and neither should you) but I'm open to ideas that could help the entire group.

Would you like to have me review your treatments in an intensive one-on-one coaching format that will help you learn from each treatment you write (BEFORE THE DIRECTOR SEES IT) and make you a progressively better treatment writer?

Would you like to take part in an 8-week course (that I haven't finished yet) on writing basic treatments that will save you from angering directors and production houses?

What would you be willing to pay for these things in order to be a more experienced and profitable treatment writer?

I'm open to ideas - let's keep this dialogue going so we ALL get better at our craft.

Thank you.

Jason Pedley

TVC Treatment Writer



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Ok, I suppose I could condense whatever form my info would take (ebook, email course, etc).

If you (this is open to anyone on the forum) want me to touch on any topics more than others, I'd be happy to consider.

Does anyone have a preference as to the delivery method? Email? Ebook?

Anyone, interested in one-on-one treatment writing mentoring? I could arrange that too if anybody has questions.

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