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Desi Shoots : Movie and Video Shooting In India
Rosario D'mello

Avid New Deals and Fab Tools

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Avid is offering a fabulous upgrade path.

When you’re faced with tons of footage and a looming deadline, why waste hours searching for suitable clips to tell your story? Instead, find the exact takes and clips you need in seconds with the Media Composer | ScriptSync and PhraseFind options, which are both available now and better than ever.
Match every take to every dialog line in your script quickly using ScriptSync—get it now
Find all relevant clips fast through powerful dialog search using PhraseFind—get it now
Get faster performance, better search results, and other great new features
Be sure you have the latest version of Media Composer 8.8 to use these options. If you don’t, you can upgrade practically any version of Media Composer, Symphony, or NewsCutter to Media Composer 8.8 for just $399 (USD) for a limited time.


With PhraseFind—the powerful new version of the acclaimed dialog indexing and search option for Media Composer—you can quickly find all relevant clips by simply typing a word or phrase. PhraseFind automatically analyzes all clips in your project and phonetically indexes all audible dialog, so you can spend less time searching for the right media and more time focusing on what matters most—your story.


With ScriptSync—a powerful dialog search and sync option for Media Composer—you can eliminate time-consuming manual media searches and quickly find the best take or perfect clip fast. ScriptSync phonetically indexes all text and audible dialog in your project automatically and then syncs each source clip to its associated line in the script. Once synced, you can quickly locate all relevant clips in seconds based on a scene number, page number, or word or phrase search, enabling you to compare performances in the context of your story.





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Avid keeps getting better and better.


Find the best takes and right clips fast—just added

Working on a scripted or dialog-heavy project like a movie, TV show, or interview? Save hours of time with two powerful dialog search solutions, now available again as Media Composer options. For script-based projects, ScriptSync analyzes all clip dialog in your project, then syncs all relevant clips to the script, so you can find the best takes fast. For dialog-driven material, PhraseFind indexes all project clip dialog, enabling you to quickly find all relevant clips by searching by a key word or phrase.



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