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Film Director Wanted

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Job Description
KPIs for Creative Director/ Supervisor- Video Creation
Communicate with the education experts to understand the content, examples that can be used, and develop creative content around the education content, that can be introduced in order to make the content engaging.
Study the education content and create a script and visualise creative ways of communicating and delivering the content to engage the student population.
Create a script and a run order for the shoot so as to enable smooth shoot of the content. Creation of script and run order needs to be supervised in order to meet the ultimate creative and visual objective.
Delegate tasks to the 2D Story board writer to ensure efficient run order for the 2D animation to be created based on the visualisation of the post edit output.
Ensure two and fro communication between the 2D team and the educators, to ensure efficient content creation and correctness of the implementation of 2D animation.
Supervise shoot in order to ensure proper implementation of the run order and visualise the post production output as per the visualisation and plan for content delivery.
Coordination with the editor in order to ensure the scrip is followed in a manner that the shoot, content and animation is correctly and efficiently placed together in a timely manner.
Endure that the individual tasks of the teams working on the project are completed in a timely manner.
Set us a team to ensure that all tasks are completed and the desired output quality is achieved by the end of the project, keeping in mind the company budget and timelines.
Must have a clear idea about shoot procedure, script writing, run order creation, edit and post production, capabilities of an animation artist and so on.
TV , Films , Production , BroadcastingAny Graduate - Any SpecializationProduction/TechnicalAssistant Director/Director


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