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Scorpiolens Anamorphic 2X Lens


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Thanks to a new anamorphic design, the new Patent-Pending lenses keep the advantages from spherical ones with the great anamorphic look.(Watch the short film "Walk in Barcelona").

    Small size and weight: You can handle them like spherical, and use standard matt boxes and filters.
    Virtually no distortion or breathing: No need for tricks while shooting: no need to avoid columns or corners, or move the camera while focusing.
    High aperture with quality: No need to stop down the lens or extra ilumination.
    No change of compression for close positions: Close focus similar to spherical lenses, without the "fat faces" effect.
    Price similar to spherical lenses


    Covers up to ANSI super 35 Silent (31.14 mm de diameter).
    Same frontal diameter over the entire.
    Compatible with film and digital cameras.
    Feet and meter focus scales that can be exchanged.
    Internal focus to keep the external position of the lens constant.
    PL Mount.
    Telecentric design.
    Floating elements for a good close-up perfomance.
    Multiaspheric design
    High optical perfomance:
        High resolution and contrast.
        Uniform quality over the whole field of view.
        Minimized breathing and distorsion.
        Consistent optical perfomance across the whole focus range.

Download Brochure here. | Website is here.

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