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Casting Call for Theatre


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Casting Call!

Untitled First Class Campus Film (Dramedy)
A Hindi-English feature film to be shot in Pune, India. Set in the world of College Theatre, it probes if art can be a subject matter of competition.

Chetan (early twenties): A gullible small town boy comes to a coveted city college with a singular dream: Become a playwright and stay away from all politics please! He doesn't know it, yet, that he can do anything to reach his goal. What may look impulsive to others is perfectly normal to him. Eyes that devour every book in the library. Slim-medium built. Good in Hindi & English and fumbler in French.
Persis (early twenties): City college girl, poetic yet pragmatic, refined brains and looks. World literature. World cinema. Hard working. Knows she will succeed as a theater-film actress and dedicate half of her time for social causes. Not looking for any relationships right now! Slender. Good command over Hindi & English (she ain't necessarily parsi).
Mayank ji (mid-thirties) : Charismatic, exceptionally talented professionally successful theatre director. Can convert any play into a commercial success. Has a unique method of directing that could be considered human rights violation in some countries! Masculine energy that is hard to resist. Extraordinary command over Hindi, and good in English.
Prof Veena (twenty nine): Professor of French and head of drama division. Something is achingly beautiful about her, but she's like an incomplete poem. A serene character from a Tagore or Jane Austen novel, except she refuses to recall her rebellious past. Gentle yet firm, it's hard to disagree with her even if she were wrong. Slim, tall. Good command over French, English & Hindi (Has few scenes in French, so either knows basic, can polish or willing to learn).
Bana (mid-thirties) : A slacker who kills time in the canteen romanticizing the past and criticizing the present. Would sit on strike even before his job begins! But he has seen nearly every play. Even the ones that were not staged; Even the ones that were never written! Droopy. Very good Hindi.
Netra (early twenties): Chetan's hostel roommate. Snoops weed and eats Pink Floyd and Beetles. Mind you, he's a dark horse. Yu tu Brutus? Good in English & Hindi.

All above are Indian.
Minor cast : Karl Marx (60), Henrik Ibsen (70), Nora from Ibsen's Doll's House (30), Sara Kane (28), Leo Tolstoy (75), Anton Chekov (40), Jane Austen (40), Virginia Woolf (22)
Please email your headshots, full shots without makeup (ideally), video links and resume tocastingcrd at gmail

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