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Distribution of films in West Bengal

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I was speaking to a film distributor in West Bengal (one of the bigger ones) and asked him about the film distribution scenario over there. This is what he said:

"Distribution of Films................West Bengal

Today marketing a film properly is as Important as making a film decently with a proper script, actor, etc.

The scenario of Distribution has totally changed from the earlier years, when films used to have long runs without any threat of piracy through DVD, CD ,Cable, internet, YouTube etc. The film is shown on TV within 12 weeks now so the distribution of a film is now complete within one/two months.

Prior to the release one must know the target audience of the film. Accordingly, the publicity and marketing should also be planned and theaters where the film should be released, finalised.

Are all films fully commercial? .... no, nowadays multiplex films, art films, mass films, childrens' films and many more genres are being made, though if the content is well made it is appreciated from all sections of audience, but only at a later stage once the reports are out and word of mouth publicity spreads through all social website, media, sms and what not. These do not apply to full commercial films like Dabbang, Singham, which runs anywhere anytime and at any hall.

So the person into Distribution must know the areas and what type of audience is more in those centers to release the film. One more thing that one does not need any speciality to be a Distributor of films which are Commercial Hit, exhibitors will queue your office to run the film and if the film is not good only your relations with the exhibitors will help run the film. A well maintained theater is always preferred by the audience and gives good collections, and the theater hire will always be on the higher side from other (not well maintained) cinemas.

There are hundred of reasons why a film did not do well and only one reason if it does well that film is GOOD and audience is liking it.

There are many more aspects which one can only learn with practical experience it cannot be in theory."

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