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Old External Hard Disk 1TB : What To Do

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So from various old shoots, I have many old La Cie FW800 - USB hard drives left over. These are old external hard disks 1tb each. Some Seagate hard disks and mostly LaCie some Western Digital.

The external hard drive enclosure is perfectly fine, except 1tb is too less for today's data needs. What I do is swap out the internal 1TB drive with a 2TB drive. Why not 3/4tb? Well because old external hard disk enclosures have controllers and chips which do not support such high capacities. I experimented and 2TB works well. If you have an old external hard disk 2TB then try a 3TB or 4Tb drive replacement. I always but the high performance 7200RPM drives.

It is a fairly simple task to do. Make sure you save all the screws you take out and remember what goes where. If you want me to help you swap your drives, send me a reply or message on this thread.




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