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Some Jobs in Advertising, Social Media and Films


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Wanted Copywriter for a Gurgaon based branding studio #Jobs #AdvertisingJobs http://bit.ly/3qXcpGy

Graphic Designer Wanted for Social Media Posts in Mumbai #DigitalJobs http://bit.ly/3nm2Wqh

Graphic Designer Wanted in Mumbai #DesignJobs https://bit.ly/3omO4rJ

Job Opening in PR Firm in Ranchi #Jobs http://bit.ly/2WgpQTX

Senior Copywriters Wanted in Mumbai : #WriterJobs https://bit.ly/3n2jqDB

Copywriter Interested in Sports Wanted in Mumbai #WritingJobs : https://bit.ly/2JQq9BP

Animator, Graphic Designer and Video Editor wanted in Ghatkopar, Mumbai http://bit.ly/37iTDS9

Junior Copywriter and Social media Positions open : https://bit.ly/3gvt7IA

Superstar Graphic Designer wanted in Mumbai #DigitalJobs http://bit.ly/2WffX9h

FCP Video Editor Wanted in Mumbai #DigitalJobs #VideoJobs http://bit.ly/2LGDm1n

Full Time #GraphicDesigner wanted in Ahmedabad #DesignJobs https://bit.ly/37vdTiw

Full Time Junior #Writers and Editors Wanted in Mumbai https://bit.ly/33MaTNw #DigitalJobs

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