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London Asian Film Festival is launching new initiative to offer new and emerging artists working across all art forms to collaborate with digital film makers to create new digital art.
London Asian Film Festival is offering three commissions create digital shorts that look the shared heritage between UK and South Asia to screen them at a prestigious event at the film festival between 1 and 14 June 2014.
London Asian Film Festival is offering:
§ 1 large digital commission of £2000 for exceptional high quality new work
§ 2 small digital commissions of £1000 each for work in progress
§ A mentor to develop your ideas and broaden your networks
§ Profile the work of local and national artists
§ Give opportunities to access other professionals and practitioners

How to apply
Proposals need to be submitted by 14 April 2014 to info@tonguesonfire.com with:
§ a 150 word summary about the proposed digital art
§ how the proposed idea matches the theme and is innovative, captivating and diverse
§ a plan demonstrating that the art work will be ready for screening by 30 May 2014
§ Biographies of the creative team involved with the project
§ Submit a web link of any existing work

Proposals will be assessed by a panel using the following criteria:
§ Does it address the theme in a contemporary or historical context?
§ What is the potential to push artistic standards?
§ Will it engage and captivate audiences nationally and internationally?
§ Will the project be managed and delivered by 30 May 2014?
Successful commissions will be announced by 23 April 2014.
Mentor information
Digital Shorts is for artists who show great potential and ambition in the early-mid stage of their careers in the performing arts; it provides creative and project development support from industry professionals. The panel would encourage all applicants to work with a mentor of their choice to develop their artistic idea. London Asian Film Festival will support the artists to foster an introduction to the participants’ choice of mentor.

Tongues on Fire is grateful for the generous support of Arts Council England for Digital Shorts.

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